Mnet 2011 20’s Choice – Hot 20’s Voice!

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Hello Haveners! How are you today? If you’ve noticed, today is 07-07! I’m not sure if it’s a special date for anyone, but I hope with all the 7’s it is a lucky day!

I know we’re all waiting for Mr. Yoo’s new movie Wandeuki, which I heard has an international title named Punch, but in the mean time here’s a bit of news about him. Today Mnet held an award ceremony called 20’s Choice which was held in Sheraton Grand Walkerhill swimming pool in Seoul. The host is Miss A’s Suzy and our lovable Yeorim Song Joongki. It rained quite a bit but that didn’t stop the ceremony.

So, what award did Yoo Ah-in win exactly? Apparently he won an award for Hot 20’s Voice! Even though 20’s Choice started since 2007,  this particular category was new for this year. Well, I can’t disagree on his win. He has a very smooth voice. A lot of people wants him to do a radio show because of his smooth voice. It wouldn’t be so bad if we could hear his voice over the radio everyday, don’t you think?

Here are a few pictures from the ceremony! Aside from getting the award, Yoo Ah-in also presented along with actress Park Yejin. A little comment about the award “statue”, a ukelele! I thought that was very fun and playful. Congratulations to all the winners! The complete winner’s list can be seen in allkpop.

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Check out the award vid:

credit: Servabote and @youtube

12 thoughts on “Mnet 2011 20’s Choice – Hot 20’s Voice!

  1. Ya^^I love YAI vice….it ‘s so magnetic you know?^^
    between…thanks for the post ya…
    I just watched the videos just now…

    I can’t wait for the movie Wandeuki p(^o^)q

  2. corrrrreeecccttt!! absolutely he has enchantic voice… i remember his dialogue in skks during archery episode… his “hey daemul”, “hey noron” OMG!!! im such an addict hahaha!! =)

  3. OMG!! Now I can go back to pillow’s island with my sexsi Sik and super smooth smooth voice of his!! Let Our master Sik shows the world how multi-talented and how damn super SEXSI he is!! Nyahahahaahaha

  4. It’s so cute that this event is hosted by Song Joong Ki. Though I can’t say sik has awesome singing skill, his voice is just too sexy. I can totally imagine emo Moony playing the ukelele on the Ginko tree lol

    • LMAO!! Now I’m starting to imagine that too, tiny! XD
      Bromance/Best Couple reunited yesterday, but too bad they didn’t get a chance to talk.

  5. congrats ah in ssi… when i read this news i was jumping and start to dancing 😛 hehehe.. yeah.. u’r voice is so addicted..

  6. congratulation YAI \^0^/ no wonder he won this award.
    imo he has very nice voice. of course when he talk, his voice sounds sexy & hot too >__<
    btw i love his shirt. indohaveners held international gathering with malaysia & phillipines haveners yesterday. we made the "SEXSI" shirt. thanks for YAI for inspire us ^^

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