Hi~ Haveners~ We Finally did it!!

Hi~ Haveners.

I’m really glad to tell you we finished our big! big! event for YAI!

I’m really thank all of you guys folding the paper cranes, sending me them from each of your countries and mostly waiting me for a long time.

In this morning, I prepared our cranes in the acrlic boxes- those are six boxes and I left In-Cheon.

It was friday so traffic jam in Seoul was serious. It took almost one and half hours for arriving Star K Office. ^^;;;;

And I was little bit hurry in the morning so I didn’t take my camera. Fortunately, my dearest friend took her camera so she took pics for me. ^^

We – me and my friend – were finally there. In fact, I had contected with Jae – Min Manager who is one of YAI’s managers before, however this morning, he called me he couldn’t see us because he had to be with YAI in shooting scean.

But he really thanked to you guys and he was really impressed cause he couldn’t think YAI’s Inter fans did something for YAI.

And the previous time, when I had contected to him, he said they had never received any cranes from abroad. So I knew something bad had happened to French and Malaysian Haveners’ cranes.

Anyway, in the office, I could meet Hong manager who had been with YAI in the Launch my Life~. ^^

Actually, the acrlic boxes were protected by thin films which sticked on the surfaces. So I and my friend started to take off the films. Then Hong manager said ” Leave it. Because if Ah-In takes them to his home, it will get some scratches~”


I was really happy when I heard it, weren’t you?


Anyway~ My mission was completed.

Thanks again to your wishing good luck for me.

P.S – 1. YAI will leave to New York 13th July.

2. Don’t worry about the cost for acrlic boxes. It is my gift for you guys.

3. I sent your presents him too, so don’t worry.

I send my love to you guys~ See ya~

42 thoughts on “Hi~ Haveners~ We Finally did it!!

  1. OMG… OMG… OMG… If only you can see my tears of happiness rite now, Unnie… You are trullly angel for us #haveners. Thank you sooooo much… God Bless you!!!

  2. Hi eonni,
    Thank you sooo much for everything, I went hysterical this evening upon learning the news on twitter, LOL~
    Eonni, we #haveners owed you a lot especially for the acrylic boxes, it’s really WOW!!! I know it cost you some fortune to make those boxes, and we truly appreciate it~
    Thank you for delivering our gifts too, hopefully Sik get to open them himself *wink~wink*
    The part where Manager Hong said that Sik might take it home made me jump out of my bed, and went straight to my PC, LMAO~ it really made my day!!!
    Thank you (again) eonni, with huge hugs and kisses~

  3. It’s a good thing to know that the cranes project is a success.
    I’m really happy for you girls ! ^^
    Moreover, all the cranes looks really beautiful ! ❤ And the box are really nice ! ^^

    But knowing that our french cranes never arrived, I suddenly feel really sad and idiot. As Furbabe said, at least, they know that france and malaysia also made cranes for him.

    • Why T_____T I’m feelin’ sad too…But still we shared lunny moments while making it for him =D And as Furbabe said, at least, they know we did it too ><'

      Proud of you, my lovely haveners =D Yeaaaaaaaaaah o/
      It's still a success for us ! It's beautiful to see all these cranes, and the box are nice ^^

      • Yes the fun times when we were making the cranes have become our beautiful memories, right? ^_^ And all Haveners got to know each other better too because of this project.

    • ㅠㅠ Yep~ Malaysian cranes……………….
      I’m so sorry to say that. ㅠㅠ However I told the situation to Jae min manager already and I tweeted to YAI about you guys’ mind……… It may send to him. Sorry again. ㅠㅠ

      • hmm never mind~what is matter is the other cranes were reached there= )
        thank you for your hard work…may be I can join again with the next project again?hope so~= )
        oh ya…I’m the girl @yuetwah http://twitter.com/#!/yuetwah at twitter there…haha
        good night…I gonna sleep and hope I can meet YAI in dreams= )

  4. Congrats unnie so happy it finally reach it’s rightful place!!!! The container so fitting for the crane! He can see clearly all the pretty cranes done by haveners!!! Thank you so much!!!! I feel like crying seeing those lovely cranes again! Love yah…muahhhh! Till next haveners project!!!!

    • Special thanks to you, Asha, for starting this project. You always have such great ideas and it’s amazing that our project has come into fruition.

      Such a historic moment for Haveners. OUR FIRST BIG PROJECT. WOOT WOOT!

  5. I can never thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us, international haveners. This big project will never be completed without your help. I will be forever grateful and indebted to you.

    Thank you so much ❤

  6. AnK nim you are amazing.
    Although I didn’t participate to the project because I was busy at that time, I’m really happy for those who did. So I still want to thank you!! as well as all those who worked with you!!


    Thank you very much to all the fans who fold the cranes and to AK unnie aka Haven’s guardian angel for taking care of everything else. Special thanks to Asha for initiating this project! Such a great idea. I hope you all had unforgettable experiences with this event.

    So does anyone know what happened to the French and Malaysian cranes? When were they shipped? Were they shipped directly to Ah In’s office?

  8. On behalf of JYA Home@Pantip.com inThailand, we would like to thank Ancientkingdom2 so much for all the efforts you made in organizing this crane project and delivering all these multi-national cranes to Yoo Ah In in such appropriate containers!
    JYA Home came about as a meeting place for SKKS fans to talk about and follow up on the latest works and actitvities of the actors who played the main characters in SKKS, namely Song Joong KI, Park Yu Chun, and Yoo Ah In (hence the name JYA). Bluesherbet is the original founder of JYA home, which is placed in the Korean Drama Series section of Pantip.com. It’s rather difficult to locate as Pantip.com is the largest website that is used for a huge number of topics, and one needs to apply for membership before one can post there. So we are thinking of making a website especially for YAI to accommodate future fans who will come flocking in when SKKS is broadcast on Channel 7 around the end of this year. Park Yu Chun has a huge number of followers and a big website in Thailand already and so has Joong Ki. So when a fansite of YAI is created, we hope that Ah In’s fans from other countries will come to visit us sometimes.

    • Hello Lobsterbisque, welcome to Haven!

      On behalf of the Haveners I’d like to send a big thanks to all the JYA members who helped this crane project happen. I’m sad that I don’t have an account on Pantip because I don’t know Thai. Otherwise I’d love to stop by JYA Home. You all have my warmest greetings regardless!

      I’m very looking forward to the new Yoo Ah In Thai website. Hope that SKKS will capture the hearts of Thai audience well. Definitely keep us here at Haven updated with your activities. When the website is up, I can link it on Haven and also help publicize it to all the international fans.

      • Dear Tinysunbi: Thank you for your very warm welcome. I’d like to just let you know that we’re going to have the first meeting to discuss about setting up a YAI site in Thailand very soon, so that we can join haveners in spreading the viruses abround Thailand more effectively! We are also having a little fun contest of writing letters to YAI, which is open to all JYA members and will be judged by them all as well. (We are very democratic! hehe!) The top award will be a bottle of FRESH- Citron de Vigne, which I asked my niece to bring from London! It really provides a strong incentive as the ladies all wish to smell like Ah-In! haha! We plan to translate all the letters into English and send them to YAI too. (Sadly we don’t have a member who knows enough Korean to do the translation.)
        So this is the latest news from our side. God bless all haveners, and we hope to join you in other future projects too! Just let us know!

  9. We will still of course maintain the SKKS/JYA Home at Pantip.com to accommodate new comers who wish to follow the news of the three heartthrobs at one place. The Crane Project in Thailand was carried out with full cooperation from all the JYA members, regardless of their preference. That’s why we were able to complete our project very fast as the crane makers were not only Ah In’s fans but Yu Chun’s and Joongki’s as well.
    We would like to thank the administrator and contributors of Yoo Ah In Haven many times over for all the news and pictures you always provide with such accuracy and speed. God
    Bless! With love from all of us in Bangkok!

  10. NY?? 13th? What for? Don’t leave me alone here Ah In..)= Anyhow thank you so much for the fabulous information AK-nim and those who participates in makin’ this project a HUGE success!! 대박!!

  11. ‎​​˚(*)•.¸`*•.¸˚(*) ••(*)˚¸.•*´¸.•(*)˚
    •‧‧※‎​ WOOOW ‎​※‧‧•
    ,.•(*)¸.•*˙,.•(*)´˚`(*)•.,˙*•.¸`(*)•., !!! Big hugs for Ancientkingdom! We really owed you big time Ancientkingdom! The cranes looks terrific with your homemade acrylic boxes! Can’t enuff to say thank you! again thank you for your effort delivering the cranes safely to Sik’s management office. I’m all tears now knowing that master Sik might bring those cranes home!! Woohooo!! I’m so glad I’m member of this haven and joined the project! *sniff sniff so touch*

  12. WAHHHH … AK-Nim Kamsahamnida !!! Group Hug from Haveners … from a simple crane making (just for fun) to this …. Special Project – im soooo happy …. Again TYTYTY

  13. I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPPYYY!! Yesterday when I saw YAI manager teet the picture of our cranes, I broke to tears. And I was really crying when AK eonnie said they have received our goodies too ^____^
    It feels that all our hard work are paid off!!
    AK eonnie, I can’t thank you enough for delivering our cranes straight to Sik office. We did a great job, Haveners!! We are DOPE!!

  14. The first thing I said, or rather scream, when I saw this was WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!
    Wow! This is amazing! I’m so proud to be part of this massive project. First massive international project done! Thank you so much AK unnie for the boxes. They look lovely. And your hard work will be blessed! I can’t believe you delivered it personally to the office. We owe you big time.

    I’m so happy right now :DDD

  15. T_T this tears of joy…. thanks unnie… you the best
    i am really happy for everybody
    so sad hear crane from france and malaysia never show up T_T but i hope we can do it again someday with another project… to show to our Yoo Ah In that we always beside him ^_^
    i am looking forward live report from new york ^__^
    once again big thanks for unnie….

  16. AK-nim thank you for sending those cranes,thank you asha who comes up with the idea, and congrat to all haveners, finally our cranes reach him….i so happy when read this news…since i’m not around twitter lately, seems i was the latest one know this news….btw i cant wait for live report from newyork…

  17. This is sooo OOOOOOOO MMMMMyyyyyyyyyyyy Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! *jumping for joy*
    Thank you so much AK-nim!!!!!!!! and to all haveners!!!

  18. YAY!!!! I HOPE to see a picture of the cranes in YAI house or a really sweet tweet! INTERNATIONAL fans love u!!!!

  19. ancient kingdom unni! 🙂 (is it alright if I call you unni? ^^,) I was sooooo happy after I saw this post! actually I was really wondering whether YAI have already received our cranes and why it hasn’t been mentioned on his tweets.. but anyhow, 감사합니다… ( I hope the translation’s correct.) God bless! 🙂

  20. Hi guys! I would like to know when will YAI star in another drama. I really miss him and want to watch him act again. Thanks.

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