Yoo Ah In Holds a Special Date with Fans

On the 9th of July, as a part of the ad campaign for Olive Young, Ah In had a special date at CGV cinema with 30 lucky fans  in Seoul. He greeted fans, had a Q&A session, and then they watched a movie(?) together.

He looked fresh and playful. As you can see, the porn-stache is back in full force! For more pictures (78!), you can visit Mathed-nim’s personal blog.

[Will update if there is any interesting Q&A)

12 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In Holds a Special Date with Fans

  1. Ahaha… the porn-stache is back in full force! Yess… He knows we’r all dying for his porn-stache :))) great fan-service, and look at his outfit, fashionably Yu A In, hehe. Thanks Tiny. And I’ll be waiting for your fan-account when you get to see him in US

  2. Hi Ms. Sophia, Ms. Stacey!! is he really this cool??? do you really see Yoo ah in in person, oh! shame on me hahaha!! but do yoo ah in knows that this site exist… u knw.. im addicted and magnetized by this young man… thanks SKKS… really i had that “HABIT OF STARING AT YOO AH IN” hahahha!!

  3. ok, now i really wany YAI come to indonesia for fansmeeting ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    his sweet smile make me fly again *dies*
    i thnik i’ll be breathless if he shake my hand while smile like that (>_ me too ♥♥♥♥♥

  4. Thanks, Tiny-nim~

    Being away from home, my internet connection is one of the things that I miss!
    I would’ve done it but my connection is not so stable and also slow~
    So, for the time being, I am keeping all the pics and news on my blog for now~
    Once I return home, I will be able to update Haven back to normal~^ ^*

  5. Wow….30 lucky fans!! I wish I were one of them^^ I wonder what questions they asked him ^_^
    Thanks for the update, tinysun! ♥

  6. ‎​​˚(*)•.¸`*•.¸˚(*) ••(*)˚¸.•*´¸.•(*)˚
    •‧‧※‎​ WOOOW ‎​※‧‧•
    ,.•(*)¸.•*˙,.•(*)´˚`(*)•.,˙*•.¸`(*)•., who’s lucky fans meeting ah in in person? Anyone in our haven? Kyaaaaaa.
    He looks great and macho with those pornstache. Thanks Sik you’re aware that he looks superb with it. *pinch his cheek and run wooooosshh*

  7. haven’t commented in a while,been busy but i always check this site to get an update on the perfect man yoo.you guys are the best here and PLEEAASEEEE keep up the excellent work!!now how hot is this guy,dang i want a man like him mmmhmmm

  8. Some actors who have played lead roles aren’t as famous as yoo ah in…the fact he can play a second lead and still garner so much attention is a testament to his talent…cant wait for his movie

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