Yoo Ah In Models for Reebok (more pics added)

Here’s the badass ‘ajusshi’ look!

Here’s the ‘I know I’m cool’ pose.

‘You have a problem with me?’

‘Sorry, I have no idea!’


‘What’s up, baby?’

‘Shut up already, tinysunbl!’


Credit: Hongsik’s Worldameblo.jp

18 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In Models for Reebok (more pics added)

  1. WoW~~~~~~~~ @.@;;
    Thanks for those gorgeous pics~ Tiny~ >A<
    First of all, I saved all of the NICE pics on my computer~ YAY~ ^ ^*
    Those pics of YAI are incredibly worth keeping to purify my eyes~ LOL~~
    Thank you~ *^ ^*

  2. Tiny’s short comments really made me Laugh Out Loud! >A<
    the badass ‘ajusshi’ look?! LOL~~~~ (in Korean. ㅋㅋㅋ ^ ^)
    YAI shouldn't be ajusshi!! ^ ^ He's TOO young & hot to be called like that!

    • Oh lol I’m referring to the movie “Ajusshi” of Won Bin. Yoo Ah In~as cool as~Won Bin’s role^^

      Sik is online again. He tweeted something this morning!

      • Got it~ ^ ^ I know Won Bin is nice.
        But our YAI is the HOTTEST guy I’ve ever seen~ you know~ haha~
        YAI tweeted something this morinng~ ^ ^
        I already translated his mentions for haveners on twitter.
        Again, he said like this anyway~

        촌시럽게 시차적응 아침이 참 밝으시네요
        5 hours agovia TwitBird

        (I’m) getting over the jet lag and (it’s) tacky. What a bright morning it is.

        Hope I could help you out! ^ ^*

        • Major Enlightenment^^

          Totally agree with you: Won Bin is nice, but Sik is incomparable. Haha scratch that ajusshi reference. Scratch that…

          Thanks so much for the quick translation! You’re jiang (the best)!

          • As usual, it’s my pleasure! ^ ^* LOL~
            I’m just planning to go get the INVALUABLE magazine with our Sik~
            Oh! Boy~ ^ ^ Oh! Sik~

  3. Woooooooowwww…. These pics are awesome! And the hat that everyone wears in the second pic! I swear that hat is being passed around in Korea or something. But then again the second pic is my favorite because I love his profile! He looks more mature. Sweeet!

      • T.O.P wore it, so did f(x) Krystal I believe, and quite a few others. I’m not sure if G-dragon has worn it though. I researched on it a bit and the hat was from 2010 fall collection of Bell & Nouveau, a Korean vintage shop.

  4. he always be hotter and hotter everytime i saw him, woaaahhh he is really to hot to handle, love the 7th picture, thank tiny for posting 🙂

  5. OOOOOh I love bad ass ajusshi Ah In!! the best!! suit for him!! this expression reminds me wild and angered Geul Oh!! I miss Geul Oh So muuucccchhh!!

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