Yoo Jack & Jill Fall Collection

Just a really Quick post! No explation needed…its all about YOO! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

EDIT : Total failure, its been a while since I last posted something kekek :p,  where are the pictures!??!@#???!@#?

Here is the link : http://micro.jackandjill.co.kr/#/764020380 (ill post the picture once i figure out how…**** shame face*** asha )

Edit 2 : Finally! Seen our Gorgeous YOO? …Amazing really, he have the kind of face that can change into anything! A face that can launch a thousand ship…kekeke, what can I say I’m bessoted #havener!

Here ‘s a short clips also on NYC filming : (credit :    & mathednim =)

9 thoughts on “Yoo Jack & Jill Fall Collection

    • LOL, I was so excited to post something! It boggles my mind when i cound n’t see the pictures! So much changes in the site but love it! So gorgeous! Thanks Mathed & Tiny for keeping this site alive! ^_^

  1. Nice slideshow, Asha. It’s working for me, too.

    It’s so good to see you back here! I just woke up and was grumpy like hell preparing for work, but seeing this? Grumpy no more 🙂 OMG my morning expresso! A scarf for mid-summer just makes sik sweat-ingly hotter

  2. Yay! He looks gorgeous. This totally made my day 😀 And now that it’s in slideshow mode, it’s just even better. Maybe I should make him my screensaver.

    About the pictures: turns out they were kind enough to provide download links so you can just download away! I think I spent like half an hour just downloading the pictures. Took a little long because I have to unzip each one :& But now I have 30 MBs of glorious Mr Yoo! Yay! I’ll try to see if I could upload the whole folder. No promises because my internet sucks.

  3. Thank you Asha darling!!! it’s very nice slide show pictures! I can see his many gorgeous and cute expressions!! And the most i love is HIS STACHE!!!!!!

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