A Very Nice Fan-made Video of Ah In

Greeting, Haveners~

Here is a recent fan-made video of Ah In that was created by Choipd2 nim~ Some of you may remember seeing her work that I posted before~ This one is called Model Ahin’s Magnetism~ I hope you like it~ Enjoy!!

Originally Created by Choipd2~

11 thoughts on “A Very Nice Fan-made Video of Ah In

  1. Almost had a heart attack watching this, especially the transition b4 the lyrics kick in.

    “I don’t want to break your heart again”
    -You already did, again.

    If 최PD님 makes a movie, I’ll make sure to buy the CD to watch! So talented!

  2. OMG~ Gorgeous and dramatic!!! >ㅁ<
    It’s so surprising the background music fits the MV really well!
    Great~ anyway!! *^ ^*

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot!! Dae Bak! LOL~ >ㅁ<
    These are what the Korean subtitles say. Hope I can help you guys out~ ^ ^*

    멋진 남자이고 싶다
    I wanna be a cool guy.

    나는 스스로를 정확히 알고, 근거있는 자신감과 솔직함을 가진 남자가 멋지다고 생각한다
    I think a guy who knows himself exactly and has a reasonable confidence and honesty IS cool.

  4. My mouth involuntarily opens and jaw drops while watching this MV!! IT’s AWESOME!! daebak daebak daebak!!! plus mouth watering YAI as the model.. Ah In is the best part.. can we spread more this MV for spreading YAI virus?? i love this MV so much!! Thank you ChoiPD..

  5. Wow. I’m breathless after viewing your video. Wonderful stuff. Many thanks for using your talent to create something so YAI beautiful.

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