Yoo Ah In’s MBC Section TV (Subbed) and Wandeukee Stills

Hi Haveners~

Our Ah In is again on MBC Section TV Interview for shooting the posters of his new movie “Wandeukyi”~ He is not only on TV but also all over the news today!!

Before we get to the MBC Section TV Interview, here are news release photos of the movie “Wandeukyi”~ It will be released in October~ I am sure many of you can’t wait to see it!

Originally Posted by Nate~


Originally Posted by Nate~


And now, here is a slideshow of some screen shots of the video that I did~ I hope it works~^ ^~


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to 우주의여왕 at DCInside and johndoe097@youtube, here is the video!!

By the way, our lovely Stacy-nim is working on translating this clip~ Once she is done, I will sub the video and post it again~ ^ ^* So, please remember to check back next week or two~

That’s it for now, everyone!! ^ ^
[UPDATE sub version]
Thanks to Stacy-nim, I was able to make the subtitles for this clip! Fighting, everyone!!

13 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s MBC Section TV (Subbed) and Wandeukee Stills

  1. OMG, I have a feeling that I’ll get trampled on over again by a crazy horse! Is anyone here in a sub-team? I’d like to find a way to coordinate with a subteam so that we have sub for the movie ASAP.

    @Stacy-nim, Ink-nim, ancient kingdom unnie: Do you have plan to go watch this once it’s released?

    • AFAIK someone here posted article saying that she/he has talked to a subber team out there to sub Wandeugi and they agreed to help. I forgot who she/he was…just look back the past articles about Wandeugi

  2. WOW Yoo Ah In look really awesome… he really good actor, he worked so hard, even for a photograph he managed to turn his character. he did it in earnest. I’m looking forward to the movie. Thanks for share this,

  3. So this is going to be a comedy? If it is, I’ll be pleasantly surprised! YAI is rarely in a comedy, so I’m just hoping this one is. Yay, end of the year movies will be pouring in! and I’m a happy person 😀

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