Ah In’s Launch My Life Ep.3

Hi Haveners~

The videos of Launch My Life with English subtitles that you all have been patiently waiting for are finally here!  Although still not all episodes are all finished, we are more than halfway done with the series of LML~ Please continue to be patient and support Haven and our lovely Ah In! ^ ^

Link to ep. 1

Link to ep. 2

Launch My Life Ep.3-1~

Launch My Life Ep.3-2~

Launch My Life Ep.3-3~

19 thoughts on “Ah In’s Launch My Life Ep.3

  1. We get such insight into YAI’s thinking and personality through your translations. His reactions to things are more different and interesting than that of most people. It’s often something a bit like a small child would say that might embarrass his mother. Kind of like “the emperor has no clothes”. Not sure if I said this right.

  2. Episode 3 is really hard to watch. It must be hard to translate as well. The atmosphere in LA is so much better than in the trip to London. Ah In gets along better with the JACK and JILL crew than with this one.

    The director (narrator in the video) surely doesn’t like Ah In. Some of her annoyed comments pretty much aim at him, hinting that he’s an ass. (Talking down to the director, being cranky, making the staff wait etc). I feel so bad for his interpreter. I’m sure it’s hard to understand Ah In, but her English kinda sucks though. She couldn’t understand the British guy either lol. She mistook “Ambience” for “onion”??? LOL

    I think he is trying (perhaps too) hard to make a statement, knowing that the reality show’s on: he hates the superficiality of this line of work. He can complain and be an ass in front of everyone, AND it’s better than those sneaky, superficial people who smile in front of the camera and then act all bitches behind everyone’s back.

    He makes his point clear to show who he is and he’s not gonna compromise his true feelings with his public image. But there’re a fine line between being honest and straightforward and being rude. His banmal to the staff is uncomfortable to listen to (OMG Maxine Koo’s Korean annoys the heck out of me. She thinks she’s our grandma or yangban or what?). I also think the chicken feet in London and being late is a bit too much.It’s unprofessional, too.

    That’s said, I admire Ah In very much for his rebel, unconventional soul. But I’m a little scared of him too.

    • This show is kinda being unfair to YAI I guess, as they don’t clearly explain the period/date of making this show. LML didn’t air in time sequence.The London episode was shot first, long before the New York one (London-2010, NY-2011) which goes to explain why he’s being cold to the director (that skinny man) and the staffs, and questioned his concept. That man also appears on NY episode but they really get along each other there.

      • That’s true. He went to London before LA. The trip to LA was for Jack and Jill, London was for Hazzy Esquire. I didn’t remember seeing the director in LA (?). I guess Mnet was trying to highlight the dramatic conflict between Ah In and Maxine Koo first, that’s why they aired the LA trip first? Or maybe there’s more politic and PR money involved, not so sure.

            • No, I think the guy who wears sunglasses in ep. 2-2 is YAI’s stylish. If you recall the pic he took with his stylish in NY, that’s the guy. He’s different from the Mnet producer (who looks like Ryo Seung Beom to me lol).

            • [quote=tinysunbl]: “No, I think the guy who wears sunglasses in ep. 2-2 is YAI’s stylish. If you recall the pic he took with his stylish in NY, that’s the guy. He’s different from the Mnet producer (who looks like Ryo Seung Beom to me lol).”[/quote]

              @ tinysunbl: no, tiny…that’s the other guy! I know the stylish so well. This one is the skinny guy who’s holding camera and said YAI was a cassanova! He started to appear at tc: 02:43 in ep. 2-2

  3. haiii…. from yesterday i start open your blog, yeah i guess i’m to slow for admiring YAI and this blog looks already dead (i wish i was wrong) please don’t stop blogging and continues subbing the episode, actually i dont know how many episode left but, i guess i would enjoy the show, since i love his rebelliousness.. kekkekeke
    i love you beloved admin and thank you for your hard working…
    *kiss from indonesia*

  4. Firstly, thank you so much for subbing these videos. I really enjoyed the show. If I may, where can I find episode 4 of YAI’s Launch My Life with English subtitles? Thank you.

  5. what ever he is i really admire him.. there are no such perfect person here in the world, we all have differences. we judge people easily by what we saw. but we dont even know what the truth is.. even if a person acts something stupidly, there are always a reason why we were acting like that. all we have to do is to try to understand each other, so that we can find out what’s inside of us..

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