Haven’s Project #2 Birthday gift for Ah In

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Hi Haveners~

Yoo Ah In is turning 25 (or 26 by Korean standard) on October 6. Many of us are discussing a bday gift for him on twitter. We thought it’d be a good idea to open this post for discussion. What do you think we should do for Ah In?

Here are some points that have been brought up:

-The gift should reflect the international nature of our community. For example, bday wishes in our native languages.

-This is a good opportunity to let Ah In know the existence of our fansite.

-Many friends propose making a video, but let’s discuss the pros and cons of sending a video vs. other types of gift here, too.

What do you think? Should we just kidnap Song Joong Ki for our Ah In?

22 thoughts on “Haven’s Project #2 Birthday gift for Ah In

  1. Can we juat kidnap our mr. yoo? So we can sing errr hum him a birthday song in person! Just a thought… Hehehe! Ok, Im soo in! Ill go for our own language greetings, so he can see how diverse his fanbase! ^^ suggestions wild and tame will be very much appreciated! Go! Go! Haveners!

    • Hahaha!! you’re here….. just done my washing up (me = a good dishwasher)
      HmmmmmH……. W_I_L_D & T_A_M_E…….. my brain starts making a cracking noice…!”ʔ#$@%+?#ʕ…. it’s been out of order after the exam…….. or it’s on holiday somewhere nice…. kikiki….
      YU…. can have my HEART for this project 😀 😀 😀

  2. Here are my thoughts:

    -I propose doing a fund-raising or us get together to support a social cause under Yoo Ah In’s name. That’d be a very meaningful bday gift indeed, esp. when the chuseok holidays is coming. We may be able to make the news! This is my first choice gift

    -The video idea also sounds good because (1) it’s fast to put together (2) Seek can see it anytime, and it can be shared with other fans around the world, too. It’s an excellent way to advertise our fansite. However, it’s not an original idea because fans have put together a fan video during SKKS days before. Plus, the video is to show our love. I’m sure sik knows we love him, so I think it’d be nicer to materialize our love for a social cause.

    -If we decide to make a video, here are some of the content I can think of:

    (1) wishes in many languages. I also like the photo landscape idea a lot! These two can be combined
    (2) videos and voice-overs of fans saying happy bday
    (4) fanarts
    (3) brief bios/reflections on his past movies/dramas, with fans’ thoughts and comments about his acting?

    • Of course we can do both, a fund-raising and a video/photobook. We’ll need 2 committee to work on these.

      Ideas for fundraising: our monetary donations, lottery with prize like YAI movie box sets etc (I’ll donate the boxset)

      • It sounds like we’re going to have a firework here ⁑☽……. so! haveners….. let gathering together do something GOOD & FUN for YAI’s B_Day ☀..☀
        tiny…. i’m willing to give up my pocket money for a fundraising project….. i’m rooting this good idea and…. i can do without disturb or damage my wee brain… heheheh

      • I like your fundraising idea the best.
        Here’s my 2cents:
        For the special Birthday video for Sik, I picture this video contains our BD wishes in writings or voice or pics or photos or anything from all #haveners, we submit it to Asha our video editor and Asha can combine them into 1 simple beautiful BD video.
        I’m thinking of simple and fast project since Sik birthday is only a month shy.
        I don’t know with the photobook. If we can pull it off in short time, that’s good.
        We can do both fundraising and video or fundraising and photobook. Just pick the simple and faster project.

        All in all, fundraising is still my #1 choice ^___^

      • Love the idea of Fund raising! But do we have time?Its only about a month left…but its really amazing IDEA!

        Suggestion..remember last time we talk about the TShirt thing for HAVENERS? (in emails or in tweeter cant remember), how about we sell one for a small fee, we’ll design a Tshirt, with Haveners logo (it can serve as HAVENERS uniform as well…me thinking in a long run here…hahahah, Havenersgettogethersomeday)…Then sell it here @ the HAven. The proceed, we’ll donate to those in need in behalf of our bday boy..how about it? ^^

      • Hooooray for the 2’nd Project!!!
        Let’s do both, fundraising and video/photobook.
        Let’s do something meaningful for society, I think Sik will appreciate them more. We know he cares a lot about social issues, let’s give him a special present by doing things that matters to him.
        Video/Photobook also good idea to have something to remember also we can share the b’day wishes with fans around the globe and promote our #Haven
        Lesgo #haveners!!!! FIGHTING!!!!

  3. And btw, as tinysunbl said yesterday on twitter, we can do FLASH MOB on his birthday too! XDD Snap our photos holding a birthday banner in our language and tweet them to @seeksik on his birthday. Hahahahaa…

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