Movie Review: Sky and Ocean (2009)

Hello Haveners! Wow, it’s been such a long time since I posted here so I’m glad I can finally present you guys a post. Our lovely tinysunbl asked me if this review can be posted here in Haven, and of course I said of course. The one posted here is the shortened version, if you can say, because the original is very long (a little over 1700 words to be exact). So for the comfort of you eyes and boosums, I present to you the short(er) version of my Sky and Ocean review! If you have the patience to read the full version, please head on over here. Enjoy!

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Believe it or not this movie was premiered back in October 2009 and download links were only up just this weekend. So was it worth the wait?

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2009 Sky and Ocean is available with subs

Good news!

We don’t need to wait for Wandeukee to see Ah In back to the screen. Anne has brought to our attention that Ah In’s 2009 movie Sky and Ocean is available!



English Subtitle

Reuploaded by: YAI Haven. Source: myasiancinema. You will need to make an account to see the download links at Myasiancinema.

The limited edition DVD is now available on Yesasia for $29.99.


[Random] MOON CAKE Potluck Party

What: Chuseok/Mid-autumn Festival Special MOON CAKE Potluck

Where: Yoo Ah In Haven

When: Mid-autum festival or whenever MOON CAKES make you salivate

How: Admission is free, but we strongly recommend you bring and share your favorite MOON CAKES with your fellow Haveners (in comment)

HOT tea and cappuccino is on me. My fav MOON CAKE:

Here is some herbal tea:

Did I say I love my MOON CAKE?

Ah In’s Chuseok Tweet And Photos

Hi Haveners~

Ah In finally tweeted and shared a couple of photos on Chuseok!  As many of you know, he loves playing with words~ And, he did that again today!  Thanks to a little birdie who whispers in my ears, after a long discussion, here is the translation of Ah In’s tweet~

Originally Posted at mathed’s home~


“In the Chuseok morning, at Myeong Dong, listening to the song “명동콜링” and wearing “시그니처” the jean shirt, Happy New Year (Chuseok) even if it’s not the New Year’s Day.”

Note: The song “명동콜링” is sung by a Korean band called “Crying Nuts” and the “시그니처” is a brand name created by Levi’s Jean which is a “signature casual wear”~


PhotobucketIf you are interested in the song that we think Ah In was referring to, here is the one I found uploaded by orienkorean@youtube~

Ah In’s Mini-hompy Post on 9/9/2011

Hi Haveners~

Some of you may know that Ah In recently posted a poem at his mini-hompy~ It is a poem titled “I Love You” written by a famous Korean poet, Jung Ho Seung (정호승)~ Thanks to my friend, Kong-yi nim, I got to see the translation of the poem~ After getting her permission, I am now able to share her translation with you here at Haven!

Please keep in mind that the translation is done literally and excuse us for doing so~ As everyone knows, when it comes to poem, it’s very hard to understand, left along translating it~^ ^~

Here is the original post by Ah In at his mini-hompy~



밥그릇을 들고 길을 걷는다

목이 말라 손가락으로 강물 위에

사랑한다라고 쓰고 물을 마신다

갑자기 먹구름이 몰리고

몇날 며칠 장대비가 때린다

도도히 황톳물이 흐른다

제비꽃이 아파 고개를 숙인다

비가 그친 뒤

강둑 위에서 제비꽃이 고개를 들고

강물을 내려다본다

젊은 송장 하나가 떠내려오다가


내 글씨에 걸려 떠내려가지 못한다

And below are the translations done by my friend Kong-yi nim~

Originally Posted at Mathed’s Home~

“I Love You” by 정호승

I’m walking along the road holding a rice bowl.
I’m thirsty, so I’m writing ‘I love you’ with my finger on the river and drinking water.
Suddenly, dark clouds shadow,
A heavy rain’s pouring several days.
Red clay river flows with a rush.
A violet lowers her head for being sick.
After rain stops,
she raises her head on the riverbank and see the river.
A young dead body floats down the river and it is stuck on my handwriting ‘I love you’ and never washes away.

Wandeukyi – Trailer and Making with English Sub

Hi Haveners~

As we are counting down until the premiere day of Wandeukyi, here are two video clips~ Jamie K nim and I have worked on the translations and the subtitles~ For those you don’t know Jamie K nim yet, she is our newest member of Haven’s K-translators!  And I think she did a great job translating these clips~ Don’t you all think so? ^ ^  Enjoy!

P.S. I am sorry that it seems some of you might not be able to see the trailer clip~ Please leave a comment below~ Thank you!

First one is the Making of Wandeukyi~

And the second one is the Trailer of Wandeukyi~

Trailer on vimeo for those who can’t watch it on youtube:

SISTAR’s Hyorin Wants to Appear on MBC “We Got Married” with Yoo Ah In

SISTAR recently appeared on MBC Every1‘s “Idol Weekly” that will air on September 10. During the show, they revealed facts regarding their weight, ideal type, plastic surgery, and personal strengths.

The show’s MCs, Jung Hyung Don and Defconn, were surprised by SISTAR’s honesty that’s usually not present in most girl groups nowadays. The MCs didn’t even have to request SISTAR for specific answers to avoid ambiguity due to the fact that they were always straight to the point instead of going off tangent.

What really caught the MCs’ attention was Hyorin‘s short comment regarding her ideal type. She stated, “As it has already been revealed, my ideal type is indeed Kang Dong Won, but I would really like to appear on the show, ‘We Got Married,’ with actor Yoo Ah In. I’m attracted to men with a bad boy image.” In addition to Hyorin’s comment, Soyou added, “I also like men with a bad boy image so I would also like to appear on ‘We Got Married’ with Yoo Ah In.” After Soyou revealed this fact on the show, Hyorin and Soyou appeared to become a little tense.

Soyou later sent a video message to Yoo Ah In saying, “Please pick between me or Hyorin!” After she sent this message, her face turned as red as an apple which made her look younger and cuter.

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[BDay Project Update 4] Plan for Video Project

Project: Birthday Video to Yoo Ah In
Project Leader/Treasurer: Ashasummer; co-ordinator: tinysunbl
Closing date: Sept. 20th. The video MUST be sent on Oct 6th, his Bday


  1.  To present Ah In with a sweet, meaningful birthday gift since he’s immeasurably precious to us 🙂
  2. To let Ah In know the support of his international fans via a gift that expresses the international nature of our community

Things you can do:

  • Take a picture of you with a landmark of your home, and of course a brief bday wish in your native language (and Korean). Example of fan from France:

  • Send us other birthday wishes in writings, pictures, fan-arts, videos, audio recordings. Writings should not be more than 50 words. You can say the message in your own language. A Korean translation (so Ah In understands) will be appreciated. Make sure you include “happy birthday” in your native language.
  • Spread this message to recruit as many fans to join as possible.

Please send your message directly to Asha at  <singularlyhappy[at]> and CC  tinysunbl at <tinysunbl[at]>.

Have fun everyone!