[BDay Gift Project Update 2] NOW Accept Donations


Read update#1 for more info

A Haven Paypal Account has just been added. You can start to donate now for a charity of Yoo Ah In’s choice. I’m trying to contact his manager, and will update where the money should go ASAP. Any amount of money will be greatly appreciated.

There’s a button at the sidebar as well.


If you want to donate but do not use Paypal or don’t know how this works, let me know in the comment.

As you donate, we will have a lottery to select some lucky winners. The prize is (for now) a 1.7 oz Burberry Summer for Woman perfume bottle. I’m looking for other affordable prizes, too.

16 thoughts on “[BDay Gift Project Update 2] NOW Accept Donations

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    • i’ve been tried to donate by my auntie’s visa credit card….. but Paypal wouldn’t except it….. why??? is there any other easy & simple way???….. as i don’t have either current account or credit card….;(under18s);…… please suggest!!!!
      and may i ask….. is this fund going to Korea? if yes….i’m thinking about “the commission fee”
      each country currency…….. example….. £ → $ → KrD = 2 commission fee
      can it be… that you set up an account in Kr under yooahinhaven name so we can sent the money direct to Kr with only 1 commission fee….. i don’t know…. maybe i’m wrong be/coz i really don’t know how thing works…… sorry tiny for my ignorant …. don’t get mad with meᶿྱᶿ…… please!!

      • Hi prim94, thanks for letting me know about this problem. I’m sure many fans encounter the same. I’m living in the US, so I’m thinking of opening a US account, collecting donations and then transfer money to Korea. But you brought up a good point. This is my first time doing this so I’m not quite sure, but I’ll ask around. Maybe to open an account in an international bank (one that is most popular in Asia), to minimize the commission fee.

        I’m thinking of the most convenient way for everyone to donate, so let me know where you are living now.

        • Hello tinysunbl, i’m in UK…… and don’t understand why Paypal doesn’t accept the credit card….. (except the current bank account)….. when the logo is showed that accept all major credit cards…… weird ;(
          Maybe buy the money order from post office….. (an old fashion way)……. wonder!! it’s still existed…… lol…… have to find out^^

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