[MUST-READ] Bday Gift for Ah In Plan (Update 1)

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Yoo Ah In Haven is organizing 3 activities to celebrate Ah In’s 25th birthday (Oct. 6). Mark your calendar!

1. Fundraising for charity under Ah In’s name

2. Happy bday video

3. A Twitter FLASH MOB

We aim to make this an International Gift, so Haven will be extremely happy to co-ordinate with fans from all countries. Please comment if you want to volunteers for the open positions below.


1. Fundraising for charity under Ah In’s name 


Update on Sept. 1: Ah In’s manager said that he really likes the fundraising idea. He would like to know when and how big the project will be, so he can tell some reporters. The charity will be our choice, and we’re considering a couple of charity that we think Ah In would like to support. So LET’S make it big everyone! Please make a donation, small or big. 

Fundraising goal: $500-1000

For what: We will consult Ah In’s manager to determine which charity he wants to donate

Ways to fund-raise:

  • As Asha suggests, we will design and sell YOO AH IN HAVEN T-shirts, all profit will go to charity
  • Haven will accept donations from fans and organize a lottery. If you donate any amount of money, you will enter the lottery to win prizes such as YAI movie box-set, Victoria Secret lingerie (lol). For now the prize is a 1.7 oz Burberry Summer perfume bottle

Who: This project invites of course everyone to get involved.  For planning purposes though, we will need:

  • 1 crafty fan to design the T-shirt (we’ll vote if there’re multiple designs)
  • 2 or 3 fans (preferably live in an Asian country) to order, pick up and deliver the T-shirts (will be time consuming)
  • 1 public relations coordinator who can go around other forums and communities to let others know about our project (aka sale man lol)
  • Also, if there is a Yoo Ah In’s fanclub/fanclub/fan community in your country, would you let me know in the comments? We want to reach out for every fan and make this a truly international collaboration.

2. Happy Birthday Video

We will need

  • 1 project leader who can collect everything from fans and compile them, remind ppl of deadlines, coordinate with other club admins etc
  • 1 skilled video editor (who preferably can edit with a pro video editing program) to make the video
  • EVERYONE who wishes to send the bday messages to Ah In. Details will be updated, but for now we suggest:

iconic picture of where you’re from (for example, Eiffel Tower for French, McDonald for US lol)
Happy Dday wish in your own languages
any fan-arts
videos/audios of you saying happy bday/ love confessions 

3. Twitter Flash Mob

Lol this one should be fun and quick. Everyone takes a picture of themselves with a bday wish in native languages and tweet it to @seeksik. Haven account has more than 1000 followers on twitter, so this is gonna be a BIG SPAM!

Details will be posted, but if you haven’t got a twitter account already, you can consider making one now for the BIG DAY. Follow us at @yooahinhaven and Sik’s account: @seeksik

17 thoughts on “[MUST-READ] Bday Gift for Ah In Plan (Update 1)

  1. For video why is not project leader also the video editor? Considering that the video editor knows better which one is video-material and which one isn’t, so he/she can select the best right away and make the concept in short time based on them.

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  4. 2 or 3 fans (preferably live in an Asian country) to order, pick up and deliver the T-shirts (will be time consuming) <– I live in Asia and time is all I have, let me do this task ^________^

  5. wow another projects after the cranes..count me in, it must be fun…i dont use paypal,can i just use western union for fundraising? or is there indohaveners who collect the fundraising first?

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