Seeksik on line! Here is my translation~

Hi~ haveners~

How’s everything? Happy to see you guys again~ ^ ^*

As you already know, I’m Stacy~ ^_^ (a habit staring at YOO/ @fascinatedwithU) I haven’t written on haven for quite a while. Now I’m very glad I’m finally able to post YAI’s latest tweet mention again. Hopefully, there will be no difficulty for you to understand my transcription and catch the point of YAI’s mention~ Thanks for reading my writing in advance~ ^_^*

Anyway, please read his tweet mention first.

논리에 대한 긍정과 지지를 화자에 대한 옹호나 숭배로 와전시키지 말 것. 남일이라 참 쉽기도 하겠지만 어디 한번 두고보자! 간단하게도 저질러버린 비하와 왜곡의 화살이 당신에게만은 피해 날아가란 법 있을런지.

Don’t misrepresent (someone’s) affirmation and support on the logic as a vindication or a worship for the speaker. You can go shooting your mouth off just because it’s not your problem but well, let’s see! You could easily speak depreciatingly (of others) and distort (the truth) but (you should remember) the arrow you shot will return against you.

His mention could be considered quite political and aggressive. I’m not actually interested in politics but I’m aware that a lot of people are frequently offensive and degrades others in the general political or social atmosphere. With the development of the Internet and on-line communities, many people continue to thoughtlessly speak depreciatingly of others and distort the truth on the Internet on delicate issues. Our YAI who must be critical-minded about political or social issues warned that their behaviors might boomerang on themselves. So I think he really wanted to say that we should watch what we do and say even in cyber space and shouldn’t throw the arrow which will return against us.

I’m sure you could understand YAI’s tweet message and my interpretation. As I always said, they are just my thoughts and there might be some errors or misinterpretations~ If you have something you’d like to correct in my translations, please feel free to reply and point it out~ ^_^

Last but not least, I’d like to thank our new K-translator, Jamie nim (@KimCamuiChan) who could explain on twitter last night what YAI’s tweet meant~ Thanks a lot for your kind work and welcome to yaihaven! We haveners ask for your continued help~ ^ ^

I just hope I will help you out to understand YAI’s tweet messages better!

Have a nice time with our ‘critical-minded’ YAI!! ^ ^

10 thoughts on “Seeksik on line! Here is my translation~

    • You’re welcome~ Tiny~ ^ ^
      I’m absolutely supporting haven’s upcoming donation event by the way~
      Way to go~! ^ ^

  1. “the arrow you shot will return against you” >>> SO true!
    His tweet resonance most of people thought on today’s issue^^ It rings true to most cases.
    Thanks so much, Stacy nim ^__^v

    • ^ ^* It’s my pleasure~ I’m sure you’re also one of the guardian angels for haven, Francesca~ ^ ^
      Have a nice Sik time~ LOL~

  2. Hi Stacy-nim, you must hear about the Twitter FLASH MOB. We’ll spam sik wall with bday wishes in our languages. Do you know when sik will most likely be on twitter? (Korean time)

    • Sorry but I’m not sure when he’ll most likely be on twitter. After keeping track of his former tweet messages, I realized he appeared on twitter around the evenings in Korea time (‘usually’ pm 6:00~pm 11:00). Is it the answer you wanted to find out? I hope I can be of some help.

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