Wandeukee official poster and more stills

Yoo Ah In reprises the role of an unaffected youth, this time for director Lee Han‘s Wandeukee (Punch).

The movie is based on a bestselling novel of the same name about an inspirational journey of a troublemaker student (Yoo Ah In) who develops unlikely friendship with his eccentric PE teacher (Kim Yoon Seok) and learns the art of kickboxing.  The movie also stars upcoming actress Kang Byul (Harvest Villa, Kim Soo Ro) as the titular hero’s friend (or love interest, I suspect, judging how saccharined director Lee Han’s previous works are).

The movie will hold press preview on Sept. 27 and opens at box offices in October.




7 thoughts on “Wandeukee official poster and more stills

  1. Yay! His character seems like the combination of Gibum in Antique and Jongdae in Boys of Tomorrow. I’m definitely looking forward to this movie. I think my end of the year will be great! Thank you for sharing, tiny 😀

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