[Bday Project Update 3] Final Plan for Donation Project

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Update 2

Hi everyone, please take a moment to read through this very important annoucement regarding the fundraising project. Also watch out for the upcoming video update.

Project: Charity Donation to Celebrate Yoo Ah In Birthday (Oct 6)
Project Leader/Treasurer: tinysunbl
Closing date/Last day to receive fund: Oct 6 (his birthday). We hope to finish the project by Oct 15th or the end of October


  1.  To present Ah In with a meaningful birthday gift since he’s immeasurably precious to us 🙂
  2. To let Ah In know the presence of his expanding international fans, specifically our fansite, Yoo Ah In Haven
  3.  To enable fans from around the world to get together for a good, meaningful cause.

Our Partner: Misin Korea (Our very own ancientkingdom’s Korean fansite)

Choice of Charity:

We will partner with ancientkingdom unnie’s fansite, Misin, to work on 2 charitable activities:

  1. Donate 500kg of rice to the poor on the preview of the movie Wandeukee, Sept. 27.
  2. We will send Wandeukee books and movie tickets to poor students. We aim to buy 200-1000 books and 500-1000 tickets.

Rationale of Charity Choice

  1. These activities are proposed by ancientkingdom unnie. Instead of congratulatory flowers at the Wandeukee press preview event, it’ll be more practical to give rice for charity under Ah In’s name. Hopefully this will attract the press’ attention, which helps advertise for Ah In’s movie.
  2. Because Ah In loves books and he is considered a celebrity who redefines “youth,” donating book and movie tickets of Wandeukee-an inspiring movie about youth- will have a positive impact on Ah In’s image. Furthermore, by donating we help increase the box office count for his new movie!

Donation Target

Misin (our partner) has already raised $2000. Haven’s goal is to raise $500-1000. Donation is voluntary. It doesn’t matter how much you give, since it is our thoughts that count. We do recommend USD$10.

Instead of the lottery, to encourage giving, anyone who donates more than $25 will receive a FREE YOO AH IN HAVEN T-SHIRT. (details about T-shirt designs and sizes will come soon! Those who donated less than $25 but before Sept. 4 will also get a T-shirt).

Mode of donation:


Western Union

  • For those who does not have PayPal account, Western Union is another reliable way to send fund. However, there are small charges implied at the sender’s end.
  • To send fund via Western Union, you will need some personal information of me. Please send an email to me@ tinysunbl[at]yahoo.com if you wish to use this option.

Cash by registered mail

  • You can also send cash (Money order) to me via mail, please choose the mail service that has a tracking/confirmation number. Minimum amount should be USD10 (or more). Note: Please make sure you send out your mail at least 3 weeks before the closing date (Oct 6th)
  • Please send an email to me at tinysunbl[at]yahoo.com for the postal address.
  • If your mail arrive AFTER the closing date, you may choose to do the following:
  1. Request me to send the cash back to you.
  2. Donate full or partial money to Haven for future expenses (for example, to keep domain name: http://www.yaihaven.com)
  3. Therefore, please do make sure you send your donations out as early as possible to make sure it will arrive before Oct 6th.
For fans who live in the Philippines, please email janjher at janjher[at]yahoo.com for in-country donation plan.
For fans who live in Indonesia, follow @Furbabe and @SweetGodzilla on twitter for in-country donation plan.

I will collect the donation, cash out the amount received (either at different phases or at the end of the project.)

After deducting off the bank/Paypal comission fee and minus T-shirt production cost, I will send the remaining amount (net of bank charges) to Ancientkingdom, then Ancientkingdom unnie will again be the messenger to carry out the charity deeds.

To ensure total transparency of this project, the following documents will be disclosed at Yoo Ah In Haven:

  • PayPal statement showing the name of Haveners, amount received, PayPal charges and local currency. Email address of payee will be displayed in Paypal’s incoming payment list. Therefore, to ensure your privacy, text after the “@” will be blurred out.
  • List of donations received via Western Union and mail. Updates on this will display your username and amount received. So please remember to specify your username and which group/site you are from.
  • Simplified statement showing the total funds raised, the net donations received via PayPal, Western Union and mail.
  • A scanned copy of the receipt from the Charity Organisation (ancientkingdom unnie will provide)
Credit: this template is based on Angelie’s post at YooHouse@soompi

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