Wandeukee AMAZING trailer is out!

OMFG I CAN’T WAIT! I’m happy with the breezy vibe. The book description sounds serious and a bit depressing, but I guess director Lee Han wants to go for a lighter tone. Ah In in a coming-of-age comedy? I’m In!

12 thoughts on “Wandeukee AMAZING trailer is out!

  1. OMG!!!!!…cant wait!!! …it looks awesome…..the tone kinda reminds me of shims family
    I loved these kinds of movies….it feels so good to see him on screen again

    I didn’t know how much I missed you Mr Yoo Ah In ❤

  2. ‎​​˚(*)•.¸`*•.¸˚(*) ••(*)˚¸.•*´¸.•(*)˚
    •‧‧※‎​ WOOOW ‎​※‧‧•
    ,.•(*)¸.•*˙,.•(*)´˚`(*)•.,˙*•.¸`(*)•., Mr Sik gave us early goody bag for celebrating his birthday! I consider this trailer and poster wandeukee as the best birthday goody bag!!

  3. Wow it’s out! Now I can’t wait even more! I’m so happy he’s doing a comedy. I feel bad seeing a darker image of him all the time so this will be refreshing.

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