[BDay Project Update 4] Plan for Video Project

Project: Birthday Video to Yoo Ah In
Project Leader/Treasurer: Ashasummer; co-ordinator: tinysunbl
Closing date: Sept. 20th. The video MUST be sent on Oct 6th, his Bday


  1.  To present Ah In with a sweet, meaningful birthday gift since he’s immeasurably precious to us 🙂
  2. To let Ah In know the support of his international fans via a gift that expresses the international nature of our community

Things you can do:

  • Take a picture of you with a landmark of your home, and of course a brief bday wish in your native language (and Korean). Example of fan from France:

  • Send us other birthday wishes in writings, pictures, fan-arts, videos, audio recordings. Writings should not be more than 50 words. You can say the message in your own language. A Korean translation (so Ah In understands) will be appreciated. Make sure you include “happy birthday” in your native language.
  • Spread this message to recruit as many fans to join as possible.

Please send your message directly to Asha at  <singularlyhappy[at]yahoo.com> and CC  tinysunbl at <tinysunbl[at]yahoo.com>.

Have fun everyone!

14 thoughts on “[BDay Project Update 4] Plan for Video Project

  1. So you mean that we have to submit the video to Asha by September 20th? It will be rather difficult to organize for our group. What to do?

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