SISTAR’s Hyorin Wants to Appear on MBC “We Got Married” with Yoo Ah In

SISTAR recently appeared on MBC Every1‘s “Idol Weekly” that will air on September 10. During the show, they revealed facts regarding their weight, ideal type, plastic surgery, and personal strengths.

The show’s MCs, Jung Hyung Don and Defconn, were surprised by SISTAR’s honesty that’s usually not present in most girl groups nowadays. The MCs didn’t even have to request SISTAR for specific answers to avoid ambiguity due to the fact that they were always straight to the point instead of going off tangent.

What really caught the MCs’ attention was Hyorin‘s short comment regarding her ideal type. She stated, “As it has already been revealed, my ideal type is indeed Kang Dong Won, but I would really like to appear on the show, ‘We Got Married,’ with actor Yoo Ah In. I’m attracted to men with a bad boy image.” In addition to Hyorin’s comment, Soyou added, “I also like men with a bad boy image so I would also like to appear on ‘We Got Married’ with Yoo Ah In.” After Soyou revealed this fact on the show, Hyorin and Soyou appeared to become a little tense.

Soyou later sent a video message to Yoo Ah In saying, “Please pick between me or Hyorin!” After she sent this message, her face turned as red as an apple which made her look younger and cuter.

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10 thoughts on “SISTAR’s Hyorin Wants to Appear on MBC “We Got Married” with Yoo Ah In

    • wow this.
      i actually don’t really mind because i like SISTAR too ^^
      but after reading your “i don’t think Sik ever has a thought to join this fake reality show.” whoa it’s so true XD
      and if he really has to go to WGM, i hope his couple is our Yeorim Song Junggi LOL =P

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