Ah In’s Chuseok Tweet And Photos

Hi Haveners~

Ah In finally tweeted and shared a couple of photos on Chuseok!  As many of you know, he loves playing with words~ And, he did that again today!  Thanks to a little birdie who whispers in my ears, after a long discussion, here is the translation of Ah In’s tweet~

Originally Posted at mathed’s home~


“In the Chuseok morning, at Myeong Dong, listening to the song “명동콜링” and wearing “시그니처” the jean shirt, Happy New Year (Chuseok) even if it’s not the New Year’s Day.”

Note: The song “명동콜링” is sung by a Korean band called “Crying Nuts” and the “시그니처” is a brand name created by Levi’s Jean which is a “signature casual wear”~


PhotobucketIf you are interested in the song that we think Ah In was referring to, here is the one I found uploaded by orienkorean@youtube~

16 thoughts on “Ah In’s Chuseok Tweet And Photos

  1. This is what I called a moon cake with 2 eggyolks inside!! SIK is the best sharing his pics with his cheeky expressions. I really want to bring him home and cuddle him.. *run*

  2. hi guys, anyone know what’s the message of the song ah in is referring to on his chuseok greeting?

    BTW, first time to comment on haven but been lurking for awhile now.. 🙂

    • ”명동콜링” if I’m not mistaken means ”Myeongdong Calling” so maybe it’s just the song he was listening that suited the place he was visiting^^

      • Thank you anom. Always love Ah In’s taste in literature, I was just thinking that probably that song he mentioned has some special meaning to him 🙂

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