[Random] MOON CAKE Potluck Party

What: Chuseok/Mid-autumn Festival Special MOON CAKE Potluck

Where: Yoo Ah In Haven

When: Mid-autum festival or whenever MOON CAKES make you salivate

How: Admission is free, but we strongly recommend you bring and share your favorite MOON CAKES with your fellow Haveners (in comment)

HOT tea and cappuccino is on me. My fav MOON CAKE:

Here is some herbal tea:

Did I say I love my MOON CAKE?

31 thoughts on “[Random] MOON CAKE Potluck Party

  1. Some more madness:

    “Joong Ki, why don’t you buy a one way ticket to the Moon and never come back?”

    “Here’s a CAKE for you to eat on the way to the MOON”

    “Hey Haven girls, MOON CAKE delivery is here! One at a time plz. And don’t worry, I come alone today~~”

  2. I can see the beautiful full Moon from here, while enjoying the delicious Moon cake… i miss my MOON now…
    “Wandeukyi” when you release ????
    I’m dying waiting for you on the big screen and come to my country

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