2009 Sky and Ocean is available with subs

Good news!

We don’t need to wait for Wandeukee to see Ah In back to the screen. Anne has brought to our attention that Ah In’s 2009 movie Sky and Ocean is available!



English Subtitle

Reuploaded by: YAI Haven. Source: myasiancinema. You will need to make an account to see the download links at Myasiancinema.

The limited edition DVD is now available on Yesasia for $29.99.


20 thoughts on “2009 Sky and Ocean is available with subs

  1. Wow thank you for this! Here’s the problem. My internet really sucks and it’s nearly impossible to download anything huge (500mb+) via megaupload. Is it possible if anyone can upload it on something else? I’m still trying to download it though so no pressure.

  2. Saw tiny tweeting this. So excited!!! Was looking for this elusive movie a while ago to no avail. So glad it’s finally here, with subs too!!!

    • I guess with Jang Nara’s recent appearance on Baby-faced Beauty and Yoo Ah In’s rising popularity, it makes sense for the producers to release the DVD now. Yesasia said that the DVD won’t be available until Sep. 26 or something. I’m surprised how quickly we got the download links already!

  3. I watched the movie! It isn’t as good as I expected. Friendship seems forced, camera works are mediocre, editing is choppy and Jang Nara’s character is too annoying for my taste, but Yoo Ah In is so cute in there. That’s all that matters hehe.

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