Yoo Ah In’s Interview with Style Magazine – Behind Style (Subbed)

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Thanks to JamieK nim, I was able to make the English sub for Ah In’s Interview video clip with Style magazine on 10/8/2011~ Also, if you have not seen Ah In’s recent video tweets, you will find them below also~

First, here is the clip of Ah In’s Interview with Style magazine~

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Wandeukee (2011) Review: His enemy, His teacher, and…His neighbor

This is a review of Wandeukee by kaist455.  Kaist455 is generous enough to allow me to repost it on Haven. Please do not take the review out without permission from the writer. -tinysunbl

If you are a South Korean and you were relatively lucky while going through ruthless South Korean education system, you probably had at least one teacher who ‘bothered’ you a lot in your school days. He had a lot of interest in you, and he might make you crazy because he made no secret about that in front of your classmates and your family. I knew that too well. Several teachers at my middle school saw that I was an oddball among students, and they cared about me a little bit more than other students. Some of them actually visited my parents just because they lived near my home.

To a high school student named Wan-deuk (Yoo Ah-in), the hero of South Korean coming-of-age drama “Punch”(2011), his teacher Dong-joo (Kim Yoon-seok), or Dung-joo as Wan-deuk called, looks like a formidable nemesis who will never go away from his life. Don-joo is always near him whether it is at the school or outside the school. At the school, with lots of banters, Doo-joo blatantly mentions about Wan-deuk’s poor household or low grade in front of Wan-deuk’s classmates – much to Wan-deuk’s humiliation. Wan-deuk is not so free from Dong-joo even at his rooftop home, because he lives right next to his home. No wonder Wan-deuk goes to the church nearby and prays to the higher existence living somewhere above the sky to give his annoying enemy eternal peace for his peace of mind. Continue reading

Ah In’s Recent Interview with CINE21

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How are you?  As you all know, there have been many articles about Ah In these days~ Thanks to my low-profile friend, the little birdie who whispers in my ear, here is the translation of an interview that CINE21 did with Ah In~ The interview was originally posted on October 17, 2011 at CINE21~

Please keep in mind that since there are some parts are literal translations, it might be a bit difficult to understand~ But, we did our best~ So if anyone would like to clarify anything, please just jump right in~^ ^~

Translated by the Little Birdie Who Whispers in My Ear~
Edited by mathed~
Originally Posted at Mathed’s Home~

[Yoo Ah-In] A Walking Actor Who Is Pointing at the Mask


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Sport DongA Interview: “Please give Wandeukee to me”

A translation of a Sports Donga interview by reporter Lee Hae Ri.

Yoo Ah In not only dropped out of high school, but has once also quit acting. At that time, he never stopped questioning himself – “Is acting really what I want?” He then realized, that even when he stopped acting, he could never get addicted to a comfortable life. This was his answer.

This guy lives his life to the fullest. He is a star of youths, receiving the love of many ardent fans in their teens. If you thought Yoo Ah In is just well-known for being a cool fashionista, you’d better read on. This guy thinks about his troubles more fervently than peers of the same age. Yes, I’m talking about my (reporter’s) discovery of Yoo Ah In who talks passionately about his opinions.

The movie “Wandeukie” is directed by Lee Han and will be opening on Oct 20, 2011. Yoo Ah In takes on the lead role of 2nd year high school student “Do Wan Deuk,” or simply known as “Wandeukie.” The majority of reviews describe the movie as “unexpected”. Yoo Ah In himself says, “From everyone’s point of view, they probably think this is the most unexpected work I would choose with my background, after Sungkyunkwan Scandal ended.”

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10Asia Interview: “The world is a screwed up place for everyone”

Interviewing Yoo A-in was like looking for the end of a maze while holding onto a single piece of thread.  And it is because it was not easy having a conversation with someone who would give an answer in a language of his own to whatever question and topic he was asked on and make the interviewer wonder about new questions.  However, although that thread was thin, it was sturdy.  That is the single thing that hasn’t changed about he who rose to stardom through KBS ‘”SungKyunKwan Scandal” a year ago and is now back with “Punch” where he again plays a youth who is lost yet is different. Yoo A-in still lives as Yoo A-in. That’s why he is interesting.

While watching “Punch” I suddenly thought, ‘Why does this actor always get so much burden placed on him?’  You seem to play a lot of characters that are lonely, poor and are lost.

Yoo A-in: My characters have really always been burdened by something.  Because it is actually no fun to play teenagers who don’t have any burden on them and just go through everything that everyone does.  I think Hyung-kyu from KBS ‘”Man Who Can’t Marry” was the rarely sound and universal character that I played.  I’m sure he must’ve had concerns of his own but they didn’t necessarily show in the project.

The moment you cried out, “Why on earth are you doing this to me?”   in “Punch,” I felt that you have a face that is great for expressing sadness. And I felt that it came from the feeling of unjustness that you feel inside you, not just from playing your character.

Yoo: That was really me.  There definitely was a side to me that wondered, ‘Why on earth is the world treating me like this?’  and Wan-duk was just someone that’s younger than me.  In terms of my facial expression, I have the face where when I raise my eyes like this, I can look sad and pitiful really well.  [Laugh] I used to think that acting is difficult and tried to go with my instincts but I think I’ve come to be more analytical and know which muscles to use to express certain emotions.

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Ah In’s Birthday Party with Japanese Fans in Seoul

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As many of you might know, Ah In recently had a birthday party with his fans from Japan in Seoul~ Below is the description and photos of the event~ Thanks to my friend, Zess, who has been communicating with fans who attended the event~ She obtained their permissions to post the story and photos~ She also translated the story from Japanese to English~ I can only help by editing and posting… LOL~

Photos: Kotatsu and Akka
Originally Posted at:
Report Written with the Collaboration of Akka, Kotatsu, Umetora and Wakachan
Translated by Zess
Edited by mathed
PhotobucketEvent Day:

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Jack and Jill Winter CF + Bazaar and High Cut Photos

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I have been overloaded with Ah In’s articles and photos these days~ I do try to keep the post in Haven updated~ So, please do check back the post “More of Ah In’s Press Photos – Updated!!” for new ones~

Now, besides all the press photos, Ah In’s Jack and Jill Winter CF video is also released~

Thanks to SIC at DCInside and June Joon Tuk, here are Ah In’s gorgeous scanned photos from Bazaar~

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketAnd here is the set SIC at DCInside scanned from HighCut Issue no.63~ PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

More of Ah In’s Press Photos – Updated!!

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There have been so many articles of Ah In these days~ And the photos that are coming out are just too good to miss!

[Note: I added the new ones at the end of this post! – 10/18]

[Note: New photos are added again at the end of this post! – 10/19]

[Note: A few more photos are added at the end – 10/20]

[Note: 7 more new photos are added – 10/21]

In addition, with all the articles that are out these days, there is one that is in English by KBS!  You can click here to read the article~

First two are from MovieWeek~

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Ah In and Joong Ki Fan Meeting Recap

Here is a recap of Ah In meeting Joong Ki at his recent fan-meeting. The event was recounted by a Kfan and translated into English by Jamie K at World of Ainism. The comments made in (______) are Jamie’s. Notice that I have slightly reformatted the post.

~With happy birthday music playing in background Song Joong Gi enters the stage pushing Ain’s BDay cup cakes. Crowd goes totally crazy~~~~~~!!!!!

Yoo Ah In puts his hand lightly around Soong Joong Gi first on the waist and when Joong Gi is finally at the middle of the stage, they hug~~~

MC: Hello!
SJG: Hello!
MC: Will you say few words, please come more to the front.

~I can hear a fan saying “omg~ he looks so fit!”~ (and yes! he looked fit, beautiful and gorgeous^^)

SJG: Hello, I’m Song Joongi. (he goes over to Ain and pats him on the back and Ain him pats SJG on his back too!)
MC: It’s good to have you.

~SJG and Ain looks at each other~ (OMG~~~)

MC: From what I know you’ve done this before, appearing with  a BDay cake.
SJG: Yes, a year ago.
MC: And here you are doing it again today.
SJG: Yes.
YAI: I feel guilty….
MC: I guess you are not so busy these days. (to SJG, btw MC for this event was same MC from “rising star”, she’s funny^^)
SJG: I really didn’t have anything to do today.


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