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My apologies for not reporting this sooner. On the 9.27 press preview of Wandeukee, ancientkingdom unnie has arranged to send 500kg of rice to the preview site on behalf of her club (Misin) and Haven. And guess what, we made the news on Morning News and a couple more news outlets! Here is a translation from our translator JKim:

배우 유아인의 팬덤이 초대형 드리미 쌀화환을 보내 화제다.

배우 유아인의 국내외 팬들이 유아인에게 초대형 응원 드리미 쌀화환을 보냈다. 이는 유아인이 출연하는 영화 ‘완득이’를 응원하기 위한 것으로, 지난달 30일 서울 경희대학교에서 열린 시사회 및 팬미팅에 보내졌다.

유아인 팬카페인 ‘아인바라기’가 응원 메시지와 함께 1톤짜리 초대형 드리미 쌀화환을 보내온 것에 이어, 또 다른 팬카페인 ‘미즈인’과 다국적 팬클럽 ‘HAVEN’에서도 응원 메시지를 담은 500kg짜리 쌀화환을 보내왔다.

1만 2천명이 한 끼를 먹을 수 있는 드리미 쌀화환 1.5톤은 유아인이 지정하는 결식아동이나 어려운 이웃에게 유아인의 이름으로 기부된다.

한 편, 유아인과 김윤석이 출연하는 영화 ‘완득이’는 김려령의 동명소설을 원작으로 하며, 가난하고 불우한 환경 속에서 반항아로 자란 완득이(유아인 분)와 그를 가장 가까운 곳에서 보살피는 담임 선생(김윤석 분)의 가슴 따뜻한 이야기를 담은 영화이다. 이는 오는 20일 개봉된다.

* Article partial translation* (10/02 Hawaii time)

~Actor Yoo Ain’s fandoms sent mega size “Deulimi” (means- to give) rice as gift to him and it is creating quiet a buzz.
This mega size rice gift was sent to Kyeonghee university on 9/30 where they held a special viewing of movie Wandeugi and fan meeting. It was to show their support for his new movie.

Yoo Ain’s official fan cafe’ “Ain Baragi” has sent 1 ton of mega size Deulimi rice with a special message as well as another fan cafe’ “Mizmin” and International fan club “Haven” too has sent a special message along with 500kg of rice.

This 1.5 tons of rice can feed one meal for 12000 people and will be donated to a charity of Yoo Ain’s choice under his name.~

Here is a close-up view of the Gift. I hope Ah In was able to see it:

Thanks to all fans who participated in this special Bday project. We have donations from more than 20 countries. Special thanks to ancientkingdom unnie for being the guardian angel who did all the ground work.

Updates about Ah In Bday projects coming soon.

15 thoughts on “YAI Haven on the Korean media

  1. Thank you very muchTiny for the wonderful news! Many thanks to ancientkingdom too for her super efficient arrangement for the delivery and presentation of the gift to Yoo Ah In! I’m sure that we are all very pleased to be able to offer him a meaningful gift that he can share with many deserving people. With best wishes from all of us at JYA Home/Thailand

  2. there is our name! XD we are famous lol!

    Thank you so much guys. I was planning on doing my donation like the last week… I didn’t know things would go this fast o_o

  3. omg!! great news indeed!! 1.5 tons of rice is such a great help to the chosen charity.

    thank you for the hard work!!
    esp to tiny for the wonderful updates and ancientkigdom for very very excellent arrangement!!

    brings a thousand smiles in our hearts!! two thumbs up for this!

  4. According to lobsterbisque unnie said, We sincerely appreciate the chance you gave us to be a part of Yoo Ahin birthday gift project. Many thanks to Yooahinhaven, ancientkingdom and Yoo Ahin fan club all over the world. I’m so excited and want to watch the Bd vid from many fans to Yoo Ahin. I’m just wondering how do Ahin feel after watch them! LoL
    PS:I’m a member of JYA Home/Thailand too.

  5. We all do have the reason to be happy for our Birthday Boy……❤ YAI❤
    LOVE….. LOVE……. LOVE
    Thank you…… tinysunbl and ancientkingdom ❦ں❦…..

  6. When I first found out that our donation arrived from @wdg2001 and @PRChoiMinSoo (both are Team Success Wandeugi movie) last Friday who tweetpic HAVEN rice with exclamation and caps, I was like jumping to cloud nines^^ Our rice arrived!!!
    And then when @Gumihoseeksik tweeted 2 News articles from Korean media about Haven last Saturday, I was teary-eyed! Haveners had a little party on twitter!! XDD
    I know we’ve done a good thing but I’ve never expected of getting into the headlines like this.
    Charity is the best birthday gift ever to everyone that involved, not only to the birthday person. Thanks to Tiny who initiated this idea!
    Also thanks a bunch to AK eonnie who has made a huge effort to convey our love to YAI and Korea, and to all Haveners from all over the world that have made one of our October Wishes come true =)
    2 projects remain and I’m sure we’ll make it blast! Haveners Jjang!!

  7. This is great news! Thanks everyone for your hard work!

    I was also planning to donate but my bank balance was super low. lol! I think the rice is a really wonderful and meaningful gift 🙂 Also glad to hear our awesome Haven is in the news! That too is well deserved- you guys are all simply great! 😉

  8. Thank you tiny, ancientkingdom and Jkim!!! After reading this article now I realised the power of Love for YAI! 1.5Ton donated on the premiere!! it’S a WOW!!
    Ancientkingdom, i really wonder how you organise all these things?? It’s superb!! Thank you so much for make this all came true. And I love reading “HAVEN” on that article.. my small donation included in those donation.. hee hee hee… *wipe tears* Thank you so much guys for your hardwork, translation and initiate this brilliant idea. The love for YAI definitely across the borders!! Love you all guys!

  9. I’m so proud of Haveners! You guys are so awesome. Thank you so much to ancientkingdom unnie who did an amazing job coordinating all of this. I’m so touched and proud to be part of this. It’s definitely a highlight of 2011. I can’t wait for the next part of this project. Everyone FIGHTING!!!

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