Sik’s Bday Updates and FLASHMOB plan (Plz Read)

2 more days until Oct 6!

It’s time for some yummy updates about what we have in the basket for Ah In’s birthday.

1. Video project: Asha is working on the final draft of the vid. JYA Thai Club also contributed another awesome video, so we’ll have 2 to present to Ah In. I have watched bits of both vids and was totally awed by the diversity of entries.

2. Fundraising project: We have a fantastic start with the rice donation project, which earns us unexpected fame on the media! Excluding transfer fee, we have raised USA $1144.4, more than double the original goal. I’ll accept donation till Oct 6th (THAT’S 2 MORE DAYS, SO DONATE NOW). The rest of the money will go to buying Wandeukee books and tickets for poor children or to a charity in need.

3. Twitter FLASHMOB: I look forward to this the most, haha.

The plan is to BE on twitter on Oct 5th@ exactly 10pm in Seoul, Korea (THAT’S TOMORROW)

If you are not sure about your local time, here is the time converter. Bring soju. Why 5th at 10pm? Because that’s when Ah In is most likely online. On the 6th he’s probably having a Bday party at night, so he won’t go online.  Save your “Happy Bday message” for this moment and we will say it together as a group. Include #BdaywishfromYooAhInHaven in your tweets.  Feel free to send him anything, videos, poems, wishes, but the key is to trend #BdaywishfromYooAhInHaven.

17 thoughts on “Sik’s Bday Updates and FLASHMOB plan (Plz Read)

  1. I’m ready now!!…………….. ❦ع❦
    ….. Where’s the party???
    Aaah!! Wish…… The birthday boy is joining as well…

  2. woaahhh! i want to be a part of that twitter flashmob!! 😀 Im going to make a twitter account now! 😀
    btw im from the Philippines. 🙂

  3. great job #haveners. can’t wait for twitter flashmob tonight
    10pm. so that’s mean 8pm here (in indonesia)
    see you on twitter party girls ^^

  4. Dear #haveners, since we can only put 1 hashtag per tweet, what you prefer to trending for tonight? #Oct6HBDayYAI or #BdaywishfromYooAhInHaven? coz if there’s 2 hashtag in 1 tweet that will not be count. moreover it’s hard to trending both in the same time although in different tweet. for me i prefer #Oct6HBDayYAI coz it’s shorter ^^;

  5. Oh I forgot to mention AshaSummer! Great job on the video project! I watch it over and over again~ it’s so touching! 🙂 I hope Seeksik watch it too! Thanks so much for your hardwork, Asha^^

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