YOO AH IN BDProject (Final Video) ^_^

Hello lovely Haveners! Finally here!!! October 6, 2011. PARTY! PARTY for YOO! Below is the  Birthday Project for our beloved birthday boy—-Yoo Ah In -shi!


also from Thailand :


Thank you guys!!!! Participating Country below :

1. Turkey

2. Japan

3. Canada

4. Philippines

5. Singapore

6. Indonesia

7. Malaysia

8. Thailand

9. Dubai

10. France

11. Brunei

12. USA

13. Vietnam

Thank you all for your participation and hardwork! Seing the pictures, artwork & videos, really warms my heart (to think this not for me!hehhe), Ah-in shi is so bless to have you guys! #Haveners rock! Hmmm, I’m really pressured right now, but promise to try my very very best to give justice to your work!

Let hope when he see our simple gift, he will smile _____

NOT just like this : (though its lovely)

definety not this!

but, gigling like this…( its cute ! LOL)

and happy like this!

0r dancing like this ^____^

12 thoughts on “YOO AH IN BDProject (Final Video) ^_^

    • Worth waiting for…… watching over ‘n’ over with mixed feeling…..
      tears & smiles together with beautiful music….. “creative genius”
      Thank you Asha and everyone in the project…..
      Thank you Haven and Havenersssss…….
      And thank you YAI,,,, that united us

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

    this is sooooooooooo sweet….TT
    I feel sad that i didn’t participate in this project and that i didn’t even realize today was his b day until i saw massive b day msgs on twtr~
    O well,, the only good thing is that he still finds onder girls attractive~lol

    happy happy b day YAI!
    and,,, happy happy special day, you ladies~~ you are so talented and creative~
    i was touched~TT

  2. wow. I watched the vid. You surely DID gave justice to everybody’s work. and I saw mine =) hell my name is so big I’m too ashamed.
    Thank you for all your hardwork…. hope this will continue up to many many years to come
    fighting! =0

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