Ah In’s Birthday Party with Japanese Fans in Seoul

Hi Haveners~

As many of you might know, Ah In recently had a birthday party with his fans from Japan in Seoul~ Below is the description and photos of the event~ Thanks to my friend, Zess, who has been communicating with fans who attended the event~ She obtained their permissions to post the story and photos~ She also translated the story from Japanese to English~ I can only help by editing and posting… LOL~

Photos: Kotatsu and Akka
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Report Written with the Collaboration of Akka, Kotatsu, Umetora and Wakachan
Translated by Zess
Edited by mathed
PhotobucketEvent Day:


There are 51 people who attended.


The event was divided into two parts.  Ah In changed clothes between the two parts.  Both his outfits are all black!  And the style of the second one was very sexy!  They could see Ah In’s body through the knit sweater. ^^



The event started with Ah In singing.  He sang the same song as he did in the Korean fanmeeting.


Note: This is the song that Ah In sang in both fanmeeting~

Question Time:


Q: When you sleep, what do you wear?  (This question was asked because Ah In gave the trousers of pajamas in Tokyo fanmeeting.)
A: Only underwear.

Q: Who is your favorite Japanese actress?
A: Aoi Yu(蒼井優).  (Ah In wants to perform a melodrama with her.)

Q: What word do you want to be used to express you?
A: Sexy!  (Ah In made a SEXY pose!)

Q: What do you want to do if you have a vacation?
A: I would like to travel.  Or, although I like to travel, I would like to stay at home all the time for about one month.

Q: How do you feel now?
A: I’m very happy but I’m worry about whether fans are enjoying it or not.  I want to make pleasant and good moments until the end.

Drawing Game Time:
Photobucket Here is how the game goes:
Ah In draws a picture based on the theme.  The team that draws the most similar picture is the winner.  The themes were “autumn” and “the ideal woman.”  They enjoyed the drawing game.
PhotobucketPhotobucket During the game, there were some questions about Ah In that were asked  from fans.  One of them was about his height.  His height is 179.5cm exactly.

Messages from Other Actors:

Yuchun, Park MinYoung, Jung IlWoo, and Park SiHoo

Both Yuchun and Minyong said it is difficult to get in touch with Ah In.

Cake Decorating Time:

Fans decorated birthday cakes for him.  Fans at the same table became a team.

Ah In must pick the best one.  But, he couldn’t choose.  And he said, “I thought I would choose one really!  Although I would choose, they are all lovely.  I cannot choose.  Are you disappointed?”
Photobucket Present Time (from Ah In to fans):

Strap, Down vest, A bottle of dry gin, iPhone case (Ah In added then)

Photo Time:
PhotobucketFans could take 2 pictures with him in any pose they want.  Most of them choose V-sign, but playful fans can choose from couple pose (making heart with hands) and arrow-shooting pose (imitating shooting arrow with Yoon-hee).

Kotatsu said, “Before taking pictures, we could shake hands and talk with him for a while.  When I approached him, he was waiting for me with his arms opened.  I went to his side, he grasped my hands tightly!!”
PhotobucketHugging is actually prohibited.  But the translator did not say that.  She thought fans came to meet him far from Japan.  Such a thing cannot be said.  As a result, three fans asked him to hug and he did it with a smile. ^^
PhotobucketTranslator also said he was very honest and friendly. ^^

Umetora said, after the party, translator explained the reason that fans could not give their present directly.  It was for his safety.  Staffs are worried about confusion.  She said, as for photos, touching his body was also forbidden at first.  But Ah In said, “It’s OK, I can touch my fans.”  Therefore, fans could have friendly photos taken with him.

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