[Updates] Tweets of Yoo Ah In on 11/8, 11/12 &11/14/2011

Hi Haveners~

Ah In did a couple tweets today~ First one was to wish his manager a happy birthday~ And the second one was a poem~ Thanks to our sweet Stacy nim, below are her translations of the poem that Ah In tweeted~

“Last night’s nonsense which came through my throat/
The western sky that was at my back on the weekend morning/
My lovers who were prevalent with changing shapes in each season/ 
Drops of perspiration that badly poured down from my body/ 
Something that was incredibly significantly sensual/ 
Could be left as a fossil on a white sheet/ 
Stacy nim has been quite busy these days~ Hopefully, we will see Stacy nim more often soon! ^ ^
[Update] Translations of Ah In’s tweets on 11/12/2011~
Our lovely Stacy nim is back again!!  She translated what Ah In tweeted on the 12th~ Thank you, Stacy nim!!  So good to see you!! ^ ^
“Don’t try to flatter me. I am here. 
Wherever the world pushes me, wherever people get push me around, I completely exist only in the place where I’ve chosen and decided to be.
I know where I am. Don’t try to flatter me. 
(Or don’t make a big deal about it.) 
You make me blush.”
[Update] Translations of Ah In’s tweets on 11/14/2011~
My friend, the little birdie who whispers in my ears, was kind enough to translate Ah In’s tweets for me~ Here are her translations:

“Not doing even knowing what to do is worse than knowing nothing.  For the youth who are growing up from childish act, getting old and mature doesn’t mean broadening their horizons and being knowledgeable but narrowing the gap between knowledge, introspection, soul and body and thought and action.”

“So, I used to be a smarty snob who split the air. Through knowing and realizing something, becoming hot soul is not everything. If I get old and have to act like a grown-up, I want to hold this life in my arms calmly as this life grows riper and riper.”
“Whereabouts am I standing here on this parallel line?”

10 thoughts on “[Updates] Tweets of Yoo Ah In on 11/8, 11/12 &11/14/2011

    • Welcome back, Stacy-nim! Hope all is well with you. Please take care of your health when you’re busy.

      Take care of your health, everyone. The flu is going around and it’s getting cold *sniff sniff*

    • Hi Tiny~
      After discussing with Stacy nim with those two words, she said “deception” was not what Ah In expressed~ The two words are different~ So, it should be changed back… which I did~ ^ ^

  1. Ah! Nice….. to remember his manager’s Bday!!
    And maybe….. love is on the air!! ^mmmmmm^
    BIG~BIG~BIG ThankYou ~ Stacy nim ~ Mathed nim ~ Tiny nim ~
    Do keep….. well….. warm….. wealth….. xxx

  2. I love the second tweet (11/14/11) 😀 It absolutely came from his introspective self again. I gather that he’s a self learning and thus he keeps asking why. Thanks for translating his piece of wisdom 🙂

  3. “Don’t try to flatter me. You make me blush.” ~~awwww….he’s too humble. It does seem he feels a burden for all the attentions that he got now. Good thing is, he knows how to keep staying on the ground and he’s holding it tight.

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