Yoo Ah In’s Photos of Jack & Jill Signing Event on 12/17/2011 in Busan – Fan’s Photos

Hi Haveners~

How are you? As many of you might already know that Ah In hasn’t been feeling too well these days~ Hopefully, with such a busy schedule ahead of him, he will feel better very soon!

Below is a collection of Ah In’s Jack & Jill Signing Event that took place in Busan on 12/17/2011~ These photos are taken by 카인님~ It was so nice of her to let me sharing her photos here with all of you!!  So, please follow the link below and visit her blog~

Originally Posted by 카인님~



5 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s Photos of Jack & Jill Signing Event on 12/17/2011 in Busan – Fan’s Photos

  1. Why is he getting better and better – looking everyday.? Many of us find it very hard to breathe when we see such lovely pics of him like this! hehe!

  2. Poor Sik 😦 He had high fever and yet he still had to do fansigning, and fanmeeting later in Japan. He’s a pro indeed.
    Get well soon, Sik! Fighting!! And thanks for the pictures 카인님 and Mathed nim!

  3. He had a high fever but he still managed look energetic…
    You impressed me oppa…

    (Hansam kaw yan tuud!!!) You’re so handsome as always!!!!
    I’m looking forward to your next drama “Fashion King”….
    Be Safe always……

    ……………………………thanks for the pics Mathed nim!!!

  4. He’s a gorgeous creature, there is no doubt. I’m glad he’ll do a drama because I don’t think I’ll be able to see his movie any time soon, unfortunately.

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