Yoo Ah In’s Fan Meeting in Osaka on 12/20/2011

Hi Haveners~

As we know, Ah In recently had two fan meetings in Japan~ One was in Osaka and one was in Tokyo~ Thanks to our lovely Japanese haveners, here is a report of the one in Osaka on 12/20/2011~

The following report was written by kuku8122 in support with zess1012, mimochan807, mari_4i7 and mihochan, and edited by me (mathed). The beautiful flower project (lead by kayorin08 and zess1012) photos were provided by zess1012~ Hope you enjoy the report on YAI’s first fan meeting in Osaka!

*Part 1*

Beautifully arranged flowers sent by the Osaka flower project welcomed not only our Sik, but also all the fans who participated in the YAI’s first fan meeting in Osaka at the lobby of NHK Hall on December 20, 2011. An album which contains messages from 66 Japanese fans and a balloon were presented to YAI for celebrating the big hit of Wandeugi. We hope he enjoyed them while he stayed in Osaka!


It was a very charming start. YAI looked a bit nervous while walking to the stage of NHK Hall and singing a song titled “Where The Story Ends/소년세계/少年世界” by W.  If you don’t know about the song, here it is~

He wore a gray jacket, a black-and-gray checked vest, black pants, and black shoes. His shy sweet smile and cute gestures that covered his embarrassment grabbed all Osaka Fans’ hearts at once!

Photo Source: Chosun Online~


< Interview YAI >

YAI was welcomed with warm applause of Osaka fans and started to talk about Osaka, SKKS, Wandeugi, and a little bit of his future work.

He was so happy to see Japanese fans again in Osaka. This was his first visit in Osaka. He talked about his impression of Osaka. It seemed livelier than Tokyo. He said, since the last fan meeting in Tokyo, he has been working on the promotion of his latest movie “Wandeugi.” He also said, with a naughty smile, that he has been playing around for the rest of the time. In addition, he was very touched to see many fans still love Geoloh, Moon Jae Shin of SKKS so much.

With Wandeugi, as we all know, there are more than five millions people who have seen the movie in Korea and it is the 3rd most watched Korean film this year. In addition, “Wandeugi” was invited to the Generation Section of Berlinale starting in February 2012! YAI was very happy about this. He said that his dream, as an actor, finally came true with Wandeugi, which was his fifth film. He also reveled that he decided to take on a role of Wandeugi because he wanted to break the image of Geoloh. He was also honored to be co-stared with Kim Yun Seok ssi who is well known as a very skilled actor in the Korean film industry. For the kickboxing scene, he was trained a lot and tried not to use a stunt as much as possible. The toughest scene in the film was getting hit in his face in the ring. Since his face was closed up in the scene, he could not use a stunt at all. His mother cried when seeing him getting hit so many times in Wandeugi.

YAI was also excited to announce that Wandeugi will be shown in Japan next year. Since he loves the movie and chooses to be in it, he apologized for the delay of showing his latest work. As we know, the movie usually takes longer than the drama to be shown in other counties. He really hopes that all fans in Japan will enjoy the film.

After YAI and Osaka fans watched완득이 trailer (in Korean) together, he also talked a bit about his future work. He said that he has been considered to take a role in the drama as his next work. He hopes to report good news about his future work with all the details officially soon.

The second part of the interview was conducted by answering quiz questions of “Which one do you choose YAI?”. Let’s see which answer he chose.

Q1: How do you spend your X’mas? Spending peace and quite time with family or having a big party with friends?

   -YAI wants to have a big party with his friends this year. The place is a secret! No actors. Half are men and another half are women.

Q2: Which place will you go with your girlfriend in the winter? Go to the beach in the tropic or go to the colder country to look up the Aurora in the sky?

   -YAI chose to go to the colder country to look up the Aurora in the sky because he thinks that he will look around restlessly due to the temptation in the beach. He prefers to go to the place where he can be alone with his girlfriend.

Q3: Which do you like the most, a cake or an ice cream?

   -YAI likes both so the answer was an ice cream cake!

YAI left the stage and changed his outfit while we were watching a video of the Wandeugi preview and an interview during the Jack & Jill signing event in Seoul on December 4th.

*Part 2*

YAI appeared with full of smile in white sweater and slimmed black jeans on the stage again upon the call of fans “Yoo Ah In ssi!”.

Photo Source: Chosun Online~


< Let’s decorate X’mas tree with YAI>

Originally, only two fans who survived the “right or wrong quiz about YAI” could go on the stage and decorate the X’mas tree with YAI. But, at the end, three fans actually got through all the questions. Therefore, YAI and all the fans decided to give all three the privilege to go on the stage. Let’s see if you can survive the quiz!

Q1: Last dinner that YAI had in Osaka was Okonomiyaki?  O

Q2: YAI has three mobile phones?  O

Q3: “Wandeugi” is made based on a best-seller novel?  O

Q4: YAI wants to be an actor even if he is born again?   He wants to choose another job because he has already experienced being an actor.

Q5: YAI likes the dog the most among all animals?  X He recently likes deers a lot and wants to buy a big soft deer doll.

Q6: YAI keeps a special big size ice cream in his refrigerator at home?  O  He loves Haagen-Dazs ice cream. Sometimes, he orders a special big size cup of ice cream at the store and eats it up at home. His favorite flavor is dulce de leche.

Q7: YAI thinks his charm is the smile?  X (Might be wrong. Sorry.)

Q8: YAI will take the role of Geoloh if he has a chance to shoot SKKS again? O

Q9: YAI sees eyes first when he look at a woman?  He likes to see a woman from the back to see the posture and the atmosphere.

After the quiz, three fans were invited to the stage to decorate the tree with YAI. He said this was his first time decorating the X’mas tree in his life. In the end, he shook hands, took photos and signed on the pictures. How lucky they are!

Photo Source: Chosun Online~


<Please make my wish YAI Santa>

Photo Source: Chosun Online~


The wishing X’mas tree appeared on the stage. All fans wrote their wishes on a piece of paper prepared by the organizer, and hung the wishes on the trees at the lobby of the hall before the fan meeting started. YAI chose the wishes from the tree directly. After the selection, he would decide if the wish was feasible or not. Since he was willing to make any wishes come true, no wishes were turndown. At last, YAI Santa made three wishes came true in Osaka. The first one was hilarious!! Let me share it with you. (The 2nd and the 3rd wishes were a hug and a photo taken with YAI.)

The first wish was “Please consider me as Demul and declare your love that you couldn’t do to her in the story of SKKS!”. YAI was embarrassed and laughed loudly when the fan asked him to do it in real and seriously! He happily replied that he would do it in the scene of “Geoloh piggybacked the drunken Demul”. He even requested a cameraman to shoot them from the side as it was in SKKS. YAI was willing to try it although the fan hesitated and claimed that she was heavy to be piggybacked by him. All the fans just went screaming when he actually crouched down and piggybacked her on the stage! Slowly, YAI started to walk and said, “Demul … I’ve wanted to say this for a long time… I think… I like you very much.” As we can easily imagine, all the fans went crazy and screamed again! Embarrassed YAI, who still piggybacked the fan, quickly dashed back to the wing of the stage. Both YAI and the fan disappeared from the stage for about 3 seconds.

It was really funny. In the end, YAI Santa made not only the fan who made the wish happy but also all the fans there happy! Finally, the show was finished with his song called “고백/告白“ by DeliSpice. YAI shook hand with all OSAKA fans!  If you haven’t heard of the second song that Ah In sang, here it is~

P.S. Please note that the photos from Chosun Online were from an article written about Ah In’s fan meeting in Tokyo~ But, apparently, the photos were from the fan meeting in Osaka~ In addition, in the article, it also mentioned that Ah In’s next project will be the new drama “Fashion King” which will aired in March 2012~

11 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s Fan Meeting in Osaka on 12/20/2011

  1. Thank you so much, Mathed! I kept on smiling like an idiot while reading through your wonderful articles. YAI is so amazing, and true to his form, never says or does anything that is common or banal. I’ve always long suspected that he is an alien!

  2. WoooooW!! I wish I were there…. So sweet both YAI & lucky Japanese Fans….. very entertaining…. specially “The wishing X’mas tree”…. love the 1st wish ~ droooool~ and…… ~die~ when they disappeared from the stage for about 3 seconds…. (envymode)!!!
    … would love to hear that lucky-fan reports her lifetime experience….. and looking forward for this event pix & video.
    Thank you all reporters & mathed^,^ for sharing this beautiful Osaka Fan Meeting ❤❤❤
    Have a wonderful Holiday to….. YAI & Haveners…. XOXOX

  3. Aww..he’s sooo cute! Can I bee his deer?
    Lucky fan who got his piggyback ride!
    Thanks SO much for sharing with us, kuku8122, zess1012, mimochan807, mari_4i7 and mihochan! You’re all so nice and amazing fans too!

  4. ‘YAI chose to go to the colder country to look up the Aurora in the sky’
    the same answer as mine, are we meant to be together? lol
    Love hin even more xD

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