Updates of Yoo Ah In’s Recent CFs

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How are you?  It seems that many of you have been quite busy these days…  With all the CFs that Ah In recently did, here are some new ones that were released~

First, let’s take a look at the official 60s CF for Chamisul Soju~

And here are Chamisul Soju behind-the-scene photos~

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Now, let’s move on to DIADORA~

Here is Ah In’s DIADORA CF clip~
And here is an interview of it~
Now, here are Ah In’s DIADORA’s photo~
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Tweets of Yoo Ah In on 1/18/2012

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Ah In did a couple tweets today~ KoreanGossipGirl@twitter is very nice and allows me to share her English translations of Ah In’s tweets~ Below are her English translations:

Here is the first one:

유머는 다큐로 받아서 심각하게 팔아대고 U take humor as documentary then sell it as serious (matter)

진심은 예능으로 받아서 우습게 팔아버린다. and sell true heart as comedy (fun)..

그나마도 팔리니 다행인건가. Sure I happy about it because at least it can still sell?

뼈는 없고 껍데기만 너덜거린다. There’s no bone, only empty shell (skin) is worn

겉만 핥다가 진짜를 보는 법을 잊어버린건가. You forget how to look at real (truth) while you look at skin deep?

Here is the second one:

한번 더 들여다보고 Look one more time

한번 더 고민하고 agonize one more time..

한번 더 생각하고 think one more time..

한번쯤은 뒤집어도 보고 at least try to think opposite..

그렇게 제 안에 넣는게 귀찮은 일이라 But take that step to put it into you is too annoyed

그토록 편리했던 모든 당신은 But person like you who only want easy thing,

언제든 타인의 그런 게으름으로 당신이 쏘았던 과녁에 세워질 수 있다. Can be on the target anytime by other people’s laziness

Yoo Ah In’s Recent Activities

Hi Haveners~

How are you these days?  Haven’s Snack Project is going well so far~ If you wish to be part of it, please check our Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project post~ Our tentative deadline is January 31~ So, in another week or so, I will update the post to inform everyone how things are going with that~

Now, Ah In has been quite busy after his singing on twitter~ Not only he decided on his next project but also made several CFs~

So, let’s start with Ah In’s promised video~This time, thanks to our Jamie K nim’s translations, I was able to make the subtitles~ 🙂

Now, if you haven’t had a chance to see the rehearsal of Ah In’s singing, here is the clip that Manager Santa shared~

Next, let’s follow Ah In’s busy January schedule that was posted by 시기시기홍싴 at DCInside~

1/5 Dia Dora Photo/Video Shooting~ Here are a few news photos~ Doesn’t Ah In look like a professional soccer player?! ^ ^

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And, here is a video clip of the interview during this photoshoot~

1/6 Samchully Bike Ad Shooting~ Here is the video clip of the shooting~

And let’s first take a look at some of Ah In’s Samchully Bike news photos~

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Now, let’s take a look at the ones that are on Samchully Bike website~







And here is a very nice and big poster from Metro Bike~


1/8 ‘Fashion King’ Start Filming~

1/9 ‘Fashion King’ Filming~

1/10 Chamyiseul Ad Shooting~ Here is a clip of the shooting~

And, here is the photo that is now on Chamyiseul website~Photobucket

1/11 ‘Fashion King’ Filming~

1/12 to 19 Jack & Jill Photo Shoot~

Here is something that wasn’t in his official schedule~ Some of you may still remember that Ah In went to visit St. Mary’s for charity with his official fanclub Ainese last year~ This year, he was there again with Ainese!  And, he went there on 1/7 which was the day right before his first day shooting of ‘Fashion King’~ Here are some of the photos posted by Ainese~PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Ok~ That’s it for now~ Hope that helps all of you catch up with what Ah In has been up to these days~ Until next time… 🙂

[Update 1/25/2012] Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project

Hi Haveners~

As many of you already know, Ah In will be in New York next month~ Few haveners and I have been tossing different ideas for a project for Haven recently~ We finally decided to call this project our “Snack Project”~

Update: As of today, 1/25/2012, we already have 100 haveners who participated in the project and raised more than our target amount.  Since Tiny nim is not back to US yet, these figures do not include the ones who donated directly through paypal on Haven’s website.  I am very grateful for everyone who has been in great support of this project!  Since we have enough funds, besides the ‘menu’ we had from before, I am planning to add some more buns if I can find a good bakery nearby.  In addition, I will also send lovely edible arrangements for both Ah In and his manager.  When deliver the snack, hopefully, with the help of our Haven’s artist team, we can also prepare a nice poster with all the participants’ names and present that to Ah In.  Instead of getting Ah In gifts, any extra amount that after all the snack project cost being deducted will be donated to charity under Ah In’s name which will make this project much more meaningful~ Thanks again for all the support!! 🙂

Project: Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project

Project Leader: mathed

Treasurer: tinysunbl

Closing Date/Last Day to Receive Fund: Jan. 31, 2012 (tentative)

Donation Taret: $350

What is a “Snack Project” you may ask…  Since Ah In will be in New York for the filming of ‘Fashion King,’ it will be a great opportunity for us to show our support for Ah In and his new drama by sending the whole filming crew snacks and drinks~ All the contributors names and countries will be listed in the card that will be given to Ah In~^ ^~

After gathering information and discussions, here is the proposed menu for this project~

Drink: Bubble Tea (珍珠奶茶)

Snacks: Fried Chicken nuggets (鹽酥雞), Fried Squid Balls (花枝丸), Fried Fishcakes (甜不辣), Fried Pork Blood Rice (紫米糕)

Dessert: Small Cream Cakes (奶油餅)

[Note: Fried Pork Blood Rice is not really made with pork blood anymore.  It’s actually a vegetarian dish that uses purple rice to make it.  Also, the small cream cake is like 大判焼き but not with the red bean filling. Instead, it’s with cream filling.]

Mode of Donation:


For fans who live in Indonesia, follow @Furbabe @ailave and @SweetGodzilla on twitter for in-country donation plan.

For fans who live in Japan, please email zess at zess1012[at]gmail.com for in-country donation plan.

For fans who live in Thailand, follow @staywithringo on twitter or email Lobsterbisque at kalambasuta1[at]yahoo.com for in-country donation plan.

For fans who live in Philippines, follow @KitsuneMD  @d_lawbreaker and @Ashasummer on twitter or email KitsuneMD at kristinvenice[at]gmail.com for in-country donation plan. 

Depending on the fund we get, once the snack budget is reached, we can also prepare Ah In a present.  Also, if anyone who is willing to be the key person for the in-country donation plan, please leave a comment below~ I will update the post as needed~ 🙂

P.S. To: Furbabe, ailave, zess, kuku, Haydi, Asha, and Tiny~ Thank you, girls~