Tweets of Yoo Ah In on 1/18/2012

Hi Haveners~

Ah In did a couple tweets today~ KoreanGossipGirl@twitter is very nice and allows me to share her English translations of Ah In’s tweets~ Below are her English translations:

Here is the first one:

유머는 다큐로 받아서 심각하게 팔아대고 U take humor as documentary then sell it as serious (matter)

진심은 예능으로 받아서 우습게 팔아버린다. and sell true heart as comedy (fun)..

그나마도 팔리니 다행인건가. Sure I happy about it because at least it can still sell?

뼈는 없고 껍데기만 너덜거린다. There’s no bone, only empty shell (skin) is worn

겉만 핥다가 진짜를 보는 법을 잊어버린건가. You forget how to look at real (truth) while you look at skin deep?

Here is the second one:

한번 더 들여다보고 Look one more time

한번 더 고민하고 agonize one more time..

한번 더 생각하고 think one more time..

한번쯤은 뒤집어도 보고 at least try to think opposite..

그렇게 제 안에 넣는게 귀찮은 일이라 But take that step to put it into you is too annoyed

그토록 편리했던 모든 당신은 But person like you who only want easy thing,

언제든 타인의 그런 게으름으로 당신이 쏘았던 과녁에 세워질 수 있다. Can be on the target anytime by other people’s laziness

6 thoughts on “Tweets of Yoo Ah In on 1/18/2012

  1. i love yoo ah’m trying to learn korean to hear him talk and can be moved there to meet him.i love you so much

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