First Set of Stills for Fashion King

Hi, it’s whoopeeyoo! I’ve been a member of Haven for so long but this is I think my first substantial post. Haha! Anyway, as you may know, Yoo Ah In is headlining an upcoming SBS drama called Fashion King. It’s about young designers in Dongdaemun market who dream to get big and their entangling relationships with each other. I also posted the photos from the first table read back in December. Fashion King also stars Lee Je Hoon (Bleak Night, The Front Line and the upcoming Introduction to Architecture), Shin Se Kyung (Tree with Deep Roots, High Kick Through the Roof) and SNSD member Yuri.

Fashion King premieres on March 12. Mark your calendars! I know mine’s marked already. Heehee.

9 thoughts on “First Set of Stills for Fashion King

  1. OMG!!! I want to see this!! YAI in action! His character here looks interesting! Love his badass expressions with daring action!

  2. I’m so excited! Finally can watch him on the small screen again.
    Love his expression in pic 1 & 4 ~such a cutie patotie! 😀
    Fashion King ~ 2012.03.12 – 2012.05.15 ~~ Marked! \☺/

  3. I am definitely excited about YAI’s new drama. I would not be as brave as YAI to do the stunt pictured above. You would need great trust in stunt staff. Thanks whoopeeyoo for the photos. The description of yourself above in “about whoopeeyoo” fits me exactly.

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