Fashion King releases Character Photos and Profiles

Yey! SBS has released the character photos of our four leads and corresponding character profiles. Can you feel it? March 12 is so near!

Yoo Ah In plays Kang Yeong Geol (which I think will get romanized to Kang Young Gul), a happy-go-lucky twenty-something without a dream or goal. He is described as naughty and cool. But behind the tough exterior, he is actually a man who lets other people trample on his dream. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t want to cause any trouble by blocking anyone’s path. So I guess he’s sort of a martyr? In this world where he was always told that pursuing your dreams is foolish, he meets Lee Ga Yeong who inspires him to pursue his dreams and reach his goals.

More under the cut for the other character! Btw, thanks to SBS for the photos and for Purple Lee for the translation of the character profiles.

Here is Shin Se Kyung as Lee Ga Yeong (or Lee Ga Young), an aspiring fashion designer who never gives up on her dream of following the footsteps of her mother. I sense some mother issues, ick. She’s basically a plucky heroine, despite her fierce clothes in here. I mean, usually dramas style plucky heroines in meh clothes, right? Glad to see that changed but it also makes sense since they ARE fashion designers. Anyway, in her journey to the world of fashion, she meets Kang Young Gul, who shares the same dreams as her, and together they pursue their dreams and help each other.

Lee Je Hoon (I love this guy too!) plays Jeong Jae Hyeok (or Jung Jae Hyuk), a rich and talented third-wheel in this one hell of a love triangle. He believes he has it all, until he meets a girl that makes him rise out of bed every single morning in excitement aka until he falls in love. Uh oh, I feel the second lead syndrome pangs already. If he’s a total jerk and then he falls in love with Ga Young and changes himself, I think my heart’s gonna break. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love Yoo Ah In and Lee Je Hoon is pretty much new in my list of loves but I am diagnosed of intense second lead syndrome ever since forever. Sigh, my heart will not get to rest with this drama.

And lastly, here is SNSD’s Kwon Yuri as Choi Anna. She lives a glamorous life with a strong and confident personality needed for her very demanding career and painful life, though she isn’t heartless. So just alpha female? However, things get sour when she finds out that the guy she pines for, Jung Jae Hyuk, is head over heels for Lee Ga Young. Uh oh, I hope she isn’t one of those bitchy girls whose only purpose is to make our heroine suffer. I want some real girl-pining and real girl-wooing-the-guy but I don’t want a catty, manipulative girl. Okay, she can be manipulative and all that but please let her have some depth. Please, drama gods, I beg you, let her have some depth and kindness in her soul so that I can sympathize with her. No to one-dimensional characters!

Anyway, that’s the four main leads of Fashion King! Admittedly, I’m not really into Shin Se Kyung but I hope this drama changes that. Now, we know their characters so let’s have some meaty (or not) discussion in the comments sections. Sound off your reactions, comments, spazzes and whatnots below!

(And I’m having fun posting about Fashion King heehee. If subs will be readily available, I hope I can recap it. I HOPE but I’m not really sure. This would be my first recapping duty if ever. Heehee. And I’ll only do it if Dramabeans, Softy or anyone with much much more experience than me will not recap it. So I guess I’m kind of a Young Gul, eh? Haha!)

3 thoughts on “Fashion King releases Character Photos and Profiles

  1. Yaaayyy!! You right! 12 March is so close! At last we can see the great acting of YAI! I love Shin se Kyung join this drama n becomes romance instrest with YAI. At least she’s not a newbie who tries her luck in acting like someone. *cough Yuri cough* I hope their chemistry will be great. But I won’t worry about it, because Sik will make this drama great like he’s done in his previous works, no matter how bad or good his co-actors. Can’t wait to see it! Thank you for the post!!

  2. Thanks so much for this post, whoopeeyoo =)
    I’m SO excited and really can’t wait for the premiere!
    Since this is his first leading role, pray that it’s gonna be a blast for Sik! \☺/

    Aaaandd……SO excited for our Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project! Weeeeeeehh!! Fighting all!

  3. lol i’ve been suffering “second lead syndrome” too! but i guess it’s an exception if the main lead is YAI tho XD
    and Shin Sekyung looks nice! i hope this drama will be nice

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