Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project Report

Hi Haveners~

How are you?  First of all, I am sorry that I haven’t been keeping up with the updates for Haven these days since I am still recovering from all these activities for the project.  But, I did finally finish the report of the event! ^ ^

Ever since the news of Ah In coming to NYC for shooting his upcoming drama 패션왕 came out, many ideas had been floating around from giving Ah In presents to providing meals.  After many discussions, the Haven’s Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project was born.  And, me, being in NY, of course, became the person in charge of Haven’s Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project!

Before starting the report of the event, I just want to, again, show my appreciation to all of you, haveners, and especially Furbabenim, Evanim, Zessnim, Ashanim, and Tinynim!  Without your love and support of Ah In, this project could not have worked!!  Without your love and support of me, I would not be able to carry through it this whole time!! And a very big thank to our AncientKingdomnim! Without her help, none of this will work!!~*hug*~

At the end, we had 100+ people from many different countries who participated by donating their money, their time, and their talent.  We received a total of $2,051.16.  So, being the person in charge, I really feel obligated to be able to deliver all these love and support to Ah In from his international fans.  At this point now, I feel relief that I can actually said “Mission Accomplished!!”


There were many changes that had to be made while planning due to many factors.  Our first idea of the project was preparing meals for the whole crew.  But, when checking that idea with the manager, he felt that would be too much trouble for us.  So, the idea of providing snacks instead of meals came up.  And, it seems doable.  After a lot of researching, I had everything in place.  However, after they arrived in NYC and a few days right before I was ready to deliver snacks, I was told that we got to change the plan due to the contract they have with the management company here.  No outside food was allowed.  Within a short time, a modified plan was in place.  We decided that instead of providing snacks for the whole crew, we would only provide presents for Ah In and supervisors.  And here is the final list that I ended up preparing for 2/18/2012:

    • Ah In: A bottle of wine, two L’Occitane gift boxes with various stuffs that pamper him from head to toes, a big box of Godiva truffles, and a box of Godiva chocolate cover biscuits.


    • Managernim: A L’Occitane gift box with various stuffs that pamper him almost from head to toes, a big box of Godiva truffles, and a bag of Godiva chocolate balls.


  • 6 Supervisors: A L’Occitane hand and foot cream, and a median box of Godiva truffles

In addition to those goodies, we also prepared a poster for Ah In that listed all participants’ names and countries and a welcoming banner that we gave Managernim to keep.  And the great designs of both poster and banner were made by Furbabenim with feedbacks from Evanim, Ashanim and Tinynim.


If you want to download the poster and print it out for souvenir, the file is here. It’s A2 size.

Here is the breakdown of all the costs:

L’Occitane: $317.19


Godiva: $309.58

Wine: $146.63

Poster and banner: $173.98

Total Cost: $947.38

So, that leaves us $1,103.78.  Originally, our plan is to use the rest of the fund to donate on behalf of Ah In.  But, to better promote Ah In, we have been thinking about combining the fund that was left from the first time and donate more rice at the패션왕 press conference.

Now, let’s get to some details of what happened on 2/18/2012.  Even before leaving, I was still not sure if I would be able to find them and deliver all those goods.  With Tinynim taking a train in and loads of presents with me, I was getting really anxious.  Luckily, I spotted shooting trucks.  Just when we were ready to park the car, I saw our lovely Managernim sitting on a bench.  That was when I knew I found them!

After meeting up with Tinynim, we went back to Managernim with all the presents.  As we were waiting, I saw Shin Se Kyung waiting with her manager for her car to come.  Later when we were explaining what we brought to Managernim, Tinynim and I saw Lee Je Hoon and Jwon Yu Ri passing by us.  They both were very nice and friendly.  Managernim expressed his thanks to us and haveners.  But, since Ah In was busy shooting, Managernim apologized to us that Ah In could not come to greet us.  Being an understanding fan, Tinynim and I only asked Managernim to see if we could get Ah In’s autographs without disturbing him too much.  Thanks to Managernim’s help, although Tinynim and I did not get to meet Ah In to the end, both of us did get Ah In’s autographs finally.  First one was mine and second one was Tinynim’s (note: Tinynim’s photo was originally posted at tinysunbl@wordpress).  And, we both felt relief that we were able to deliver haveners’ love and support to Ah In.  So, mission accompolished!!

PhotobucketAnd by the way, shortly after Managernim received our presents, he tweeted to thank haveners:


Note: I managed to go back again the next day.  Ah In was sleeping because he was too tired and still had scenes that he needed to film that night.  So, he was catching a bit rest after dinner and before the night filming restarted again.  The next day, it was a beautiful day.  So, I decided to visit once more.  And, I did see Ah In finally.  Poor Ah In~ He looked so skinny and seemed to be really tired.  Seeing him being so tired in addition to seeing him sleeping the day before, somehow, the excitement of finally saw him just not there anymore for me.  Instead, I just feel compassion for him.  He is really working very hard so he can present his work to all of us.  I am sure once the drama is on air, we can all see his hard work then.  And lastly, Ah In does look just like the photos you’ve all seen. 🙂

28 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project Report

  1. From mere $350 target to a whopping $2K+ from more than a hundred participants… That is totally 대박!!! Not to mention all the stress and pressure you had to go through just to make this happen- I can’t thank you and Tiny enough for representing our wonderful community to Sik and the rest of Fashion King staff.

    I enjoyed reading this post. Once again I feel so proud to be a havener ❤
    Job well done! ^__^

    • When I first started, I was worried that we might not even hit our target $350! By doing this project, all I can say is I really feel the love from all over the world towards Ah In~ Not just in the money form, but also the thoughts and the ideas that came up~ And, the time that people contributed to this project! So, I hope when Ah In sees the poster, the banner and the presents, he can feel that too!

  2. Mathed and Tiny, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your EFFORTS in NY Snack PROJECT!! Eventhough the original idea was changed, but you two reacted so quick and flexible to adjust the situation at that time. Bravo for your accomplishment! So you did visit the drama setting 3 times in a row. i love your passion and you dedication for YAI! At least, you did SEE YAI on the 3rd visit! was your effort paid off? i bet yes! 😀

    The banners are great too. I’m happy that my name was on the banner too. Haverners rock!

    • You are very welcome! I didn’t think I could go back after the first initial visit. But, the weather was nice and the love I felt through this project just push me to go again and again… Although I couldn’t personally meet him and tell him all about haveners, I really hope he can feel the supports that we are trying to convey..

  3. Hand-down to the super star of our project, Mathed-nim. I can’t thank you enough for the works and thoughts that you have put in. Thanks, everyone who has been so supporting of the project too!

    Since we still have money, and some left-over from the other birthday project, I figure we can do something for him when Fashion King premieres, like sending 500-1 ton of rice to press conference etc.

    I almost jumped to hear that you came back the next day and DID SEE HIM! Did you get to greet him in person or just see him from afar? You’re right: it doesn’t feel exciting anymore if you think about how hard he must work. I really just want to give him an encouraging hug ~wishful thinking~ haha.

    • Oh yeah, this project was special for me because I got to see Mathed-nim in person! She’s the first Havener I got to greet off-line. I enjoyed talking with you on the phone so much^^ I really hope to see more of you all some time in the future, too.

      Shin Se Kyung is really pretty in person. I can’t believe we made eye-contact and she smiled at me sweetly! The other leads look nice, too. I remember Yuri and Lee Je Hoon were staring at us. They seemed curious about what the heck was going on between us and manager-nim haha.

      • LOL~It’s nice to meet you too, Tinynim! It was fun even though we couldn’t see him that day…

        And yes, I just had to go back the next day but found out he was so tired and was sleeping… and not that comfortable either…

        I went back for the third time and that was when I saw him… not too far away but far enough to be able to see how tired he is… And, I can also feel his emotion at the scene he was playing… HE IS REALLY GOOD!!!

  4. On behalf of Ah-in’s fans from JYA Home Thailand, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to you, Mathed and Tiny, as well as other haveners for all the arrangements and troubles you have gone through to make this project possible! Thank you also for this wonderful report! We are pleased to learn that you finally got to see Ah-in in the flesh! We hope that he will have the energy to finish the shooting of the drama in good health. We were quite alarmed to see how thin he’s become from the fashion pictures that were released recently. We hope they will give him enough rest and take care of him well.
    Thank you once more for what you have done for Ah-in on all Haveners’ behalf! Your efforts are really well and truly highly appreciated!

    • Thank you, JYA Home, too, for your support! I am glad that I had this chance to be able to do what I did. What an experience for me~ Ever since Ah In caught my eyes, there have been many “first”~ And here goes another first for me because of Ah In!

      And yes, he was so skinny! And not to mention his hectic schedule… he looks so tired too… That’s why my excitement of seeing him just replaced very quickly by my concern… Poor Ah In…

      In addition, now I know how hard he and others work and I saw that in person, if I see any video clips of him dozing off, I don’t think I can smile anymore… It’s not an easy job at all!

  5. Congrats Girls! Mathed-nim, it is all~is~well indeed! You rocks! Haveners jjang!

    Hope our Yoo Ah in finished the shoot and have a good rest soon. May our simple gifts. (but packed with lots of love) may bring smile to his tired self. Fighting YAI-shi! fighting Fashion king!

    • Thanks, girl~ LOL~ It’s indeed all~is~well!! I guess Eva’s magic spell did work! haha~

      I don’t think Ah In can get a good rest until everything is done~ Remember how tired he was and how skinny he was when he was filming for SKKS?! I do hope, as you, Ah In can feel our love and support and just maybe for few seconds forget about his tiredness by looking at what we have brought for him…

  6. Thanks so much Mathed and Tiny for all your hard work!! Mathed nim I know what you’d been going through, you went a great length to see YAI on the set for us, by waiting for him nearly the whole day in the cold weather~3 days in a row! For that alone, I’m really grateful. I wanna give you a big bearhugs too 🙂
    Also thanks to Tiny, Eva and Asha for your feedback so I could finish the poster + banner designs. Haveners ROCK!!!

    XOXO ~ Furbabe

    • Furbabe~ Thank you so very much for being there when I need some one to talk to about the project! Without you and Eva, this whole process could be even more difficult for me! And not to mention your great design with the feedback of Eva, Asha, and Tiny! I really really hope when Ah In sees the poster with all the names, he can really feel the love and support that we are trying to send it to his way…

  7. Thank you so much to mathednim and tinynim who are the MVPs in this project. You guys are so awesome! Without you two this wouldn’t be possible. I hope Mr Yoo and the others enjoyed their gifts. Perhaps our well wishes can bring success to Fashion King just like how it did with Wandeugi! I’m so happy to be part of Haveners. You guys are the best!

    • You are welcome! I am really happy that you are part of haveners! Knowing how hard Ah In works, I can’t wait to see his performance in Fashion King!!

  8. Wooohooo! Mission Completed!!! This is really awesome! Thanks again and again for Mathed & Tiny to put everything together and conduct this project in NY fantastically despite the unexpected changes you had to make from the original plan. I am sure YAI, manager and others will enjoy the carefully prepared gifts!

    Also want to thank to Furbabe and others (Evanim, Asha and Tiny) for making beautiful poster and banner! Goose Bumped when I saw everybody’s names and counties who participated in the project were neatly designed into the skyscrapers in the NY Manhattan. Love it very much! ❤ This gonna be a unforgettable memory not only for us but also for YAI!

    Lastly, I want to thanks to Zess (focal point in Japan) and Kayorin08 (treasurer in Japan) to put all Japanese fans' love together and connect to other Haveners in the world. Without your work, not so many fans in Japan could not participated in the project.

    Really wonderful to see all YAI fans in the world corporate together and support YAI's new drama with big love! I am very honor to be a part of this great project and happy to meet Haveners through the project!


    • Hey~ ^ ^

      Thank you so much for your support! You know this will not happen at all if not because everyone’s love and support for YAI~ I am really glad that our mission is completed…

      Please do thank Zess and Kayorin08 (and all the fans in Japan) for me! Again, I am really thankful for all the participants! I am honored to be able to carry out this project and it worked!! LOL~

    • Hi~

      Please don’t feel bad~ As I said before, I think it’s the thought that counts! I am sure there will be another chance in the future for you to participate. And financial support isn’t the only way you can support Ah In! 🙂

  9. Haven’s Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project Missions achievement Thank you.
    Beginning A schedule. It is changed. Was it serious?
    In the inside of a poster One’s name When it is found It was impressed.
    Are true. Thank you.
    moreover If there is such an opportunity I would like to participate.

  10. yey! i’m so happy that i’m actually a prt of this. Thank you to all the haveners who took part to this project! ’till next time 🙂

  11. Awesome work once again! Thanks for all the hard work mathed nim and tiny nim and thanks to all the Haveners who took part in the project!

    Those Godiva chocolates look good…. yum yum. Only the best for Ah In and Co.lol! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing Fashion King – marking my calendar now!. 🙂 🙂 ( also looking forward to the next awesome haven project- next time I am definitely kicking myself into gear and participating- saving starts now! lol !)

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