Yoo Ah In, Anytime… Everywhere… Anywhere

Hello lovely Angels, haveners! Its been a while… How’s everyone? Hope everyone is doin fine…
This one was announced earlier @ tweeter ( thanks to @kuku8122 & @staywithringo)! Its a Jack and Jill catalog apps ! Yay! DL! DL! Its like YAI anytime anywhere!!! Super love it!!! LINK HERE: yai~anytime-anywhwee !


Anyway just a quick update on our gorgeous Fashion King, he’s everywhere now a days! (thats definely yay! Yippey! Yehey!!!) its D-7 Haveners! You guys excited….? (Of course we are!)… Our long wait will be finally over! Are you sailing our new OTP? YAI & SSK … HOTNESS OVERLOAD!

They can make oh so gorgeous babies right? No violent reaction please …hehehhe. OK NOW, mark your calendar…March 19… yesssss, Amerikaaaa! Hahhah! Sooo cute-ah! Fashion King 1st teaser

SBS also release Official Poster…what do you think? HOT or NOT?

6 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In, Anytime… Everywhere… Anywhere

  1. I have to pinch myself because it doesn’t seem real that YAI is actually going to be in a new drama. At least we can actually have access to see it online. I haven’t yet seen his 2011 movie.

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