Fashion King News Bulletin 2

1. Ratings this week:

AGB Nielsen Korea
1st episode: 10,0%
2nd episode:  8,9% (-1,1%)

TNS Media Korea
1st episode: 12.4%
2nd episode: 11,5% (-0,9%)

2. Watch online. For those in North America, Fashion King is on DRAMAFEVER!

3.  Recap Ep. 1 (Dramabeans), Ep. 1 (Maddinoasylum)

4. Cute gifs: 1, 2, 3

5. Preview ep. 3

How has Fashion King been for you? After a very bright, enjoyable episode 1, I am disappointed with the illogical makjang elements of episode 2. Crossing the Mexico border on a van, and then hitch-hiking from Mexico all the way to New York??? You like to kid me right, show? At least, the main actors are doing an almighty job at keeping the story going. Sik came back in full force. He’s too cute I can’t take his crying scenes seriously lol.

Here’s an eye-candy for the soul:

3 thoughts on “Fashion King News Bulletin 2

  1. Thank you very much, Tiny!
    I’m so blind with my admiration for YAI I’ll watch anything with him in it! hehe!

  2. I really enjoyed it, it engaged me and kept me entertained- when I saw ep 2 trailer I was a bit apprehensive about the whole on a boat to America/driving across the desert, but it was done pretty well, the scenery was gorgeous. Fashion King moves really fast, I feel like theres so much packed into the episode with so many different arcs, but I’m here for the ride.

    The acting is awesome, Ah In makes Young Gul (?) so real and the man is gorgeous, have you ever seen such a hot homeless person? I’m liking shin se kyung, shes seems to understand her character and is doing a wonderful job. I really like Lee Je Hoon, this is the first project of his I’ve seen and he seems to have a good presence on screen, and his voice is so smooth and manly lol. I particularly liked the moment in ep 2 of Ga Young’s and Jae Hyuk’s (?) flash back. ( the camera work was so cool here -and it was an instance where the flashbacks made more sense and fit within the narrative.

    But there is one thing that I hate and it is Yuri’s acting- she had all of 10 minutes or less on screen but I was cringing the whole way through, Le Je Hoon ate her alive in those scenes. Fingers crossed we will see her improve.

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