Official Statements Regarding Copyright Issues at Haven

Hi Haveners~

I am @Mathed from Yoo Ah In Haven team (YAIHaven).  First of all, I would like to apologize about not being able to update Haven as often as I could due to the breakdown of my laptop for the past several weeks.  Now I got my new laptop back, hopefully, I can slowly catch up with all the updates of Ah In at Haven.

Before I start updating, there is something that I need to clarify.  Since the establishment of Haven, we, the administrators have been working very hard not only to keep up with all the news and photos of Ah In but also to keep good relationships with Ah In’s fans from all over the world.  With the help of our k-translators at haven, we have collaborated with Ah In’s Korean fans many times at several occasions to show our love and support of Ah In.  Besides Haven, which is a wordpress blog, we also operate an official twitter and youtube accounts.  However, we do not have an official facebook account.  There are a few facebook fanpages of Ah In.  Among those, one will be the center of what we, Haven’s administrators, need to make a statement about due to several incidents that have occurred.

As the number of Haven’s members grew, the number of Haven’s administrators also grew.  All the administrators at Haven have volunteered their own time to help with different areas such as graphic designs, translating videos and news, subbing videos, managing youtube and twitter account, and updating posts.  We come together and welcome all of Ah In’s fans at Haven as a family regardless where they are from.  We love to share everything about Ah In with all his fans but we also respect all work and their original owners.  Therefore, we are very careful when it comes to the information that we share at Haven.  For example, when reposting photos/artworks/videos, I always try my best to obtain permissions from the original owners and give them proper credits by including the sources clearly in the posts.

The problem is that complains regarding illegal posting still occurred.  And they were all from a particular facebook fangage.  After some investigations and observations, we realized that one of the facebook fanpages has Haven’s name in its url.  Haven was not informed by the owner about using haven’s name in its url.  Since its url includes YAIHaven, many have mistakenly thought Haven owns that facebook fangage.  And that is also why Haven was getting hit by the complains.

Normally, when that happens, we usually first explain that Haven is not associated with that fanpage and advise the person to send the request directly to the owner of the facebook fanpage.  The request can be asking for proper citing or simply asking for deleting the post.  Here is one very serious incident that happened.  The owner of that facebook fanpage illegally posted photos from a paid membership area of Ah In’s official fanclub.  This behavior is clearly not showing any respect to Ah In. Ah In’s agency, and fellow Ah In fans.  The request of deleting the post was sent.  However, the post was not deleted until requests were repeated several times.

Meanwhile, we also attempt to contact the owner of that fanpage.  However, the owner did not respond at first to an e-mail sent by the founder of Haven, Tiny nim.  In addition, even with many requests were done about these illegal postings (posting without permissions, posting without proper citing, and posting information that were not meant to share outside of the community), the owner does not seem to understand the importance of proper posting.  And that is making many of us angry.  Not only the owner used Haven’s name without permission, illegal posting still continue which destroys the reputation that Haven has been working hard to maintain.  Therefore, all the key administrators and key haveners from different regions came together and had a very serious discussion about this issue.  We decided that it will be best to request the owner of that facebook fanpage to close the page or to change the url so Haven’s name does not appear anywhere.

And this time, the owner finally responded.  After our explanations of our request, it is clearly that the owner does not wish to cooperate with us. Therefore, Haven is calling all haveners to take actions.  More details about further decision and steps will be posted soon.

In addition, below are statements made by Anne nim and Furbabe nim.  Both are also Haven’s administrators.  By posting all our statements here, I am hoping that it will help all of you to see the whole picture regarding to this issue.


Hello #Haveners!

I am @annnsow from yooahinhaven’s team. I’ve been taking care of the official twitter account of YAIHaven.  Two years ago, when our blog opened, I used to post old interviews of Ah In.  YooahinHaven opened in October 2010.  The founder of this website is @Tinysunbl. We created the basis of Yoo Ah In’s international fandom by calling each other #Haveners.  Because to us, this fandom is a precious place in which we warmly welcome every new fan who joins us.

One month later, a facebook page that doesn’t belong to us opened as well. We weren’t really aware of the fact that a person who created the facebook page did it under our name until some months ago.  That facebook page has never been official.

We happily started to share information given by the fans to complete what our amazing team shared on our website. We have always tried to respect the fans’ permissions to share their works, whether they were Korean, Japanese or from any other countries. You’ll notice that we always properly provide sources and credits for our information. We also thank fans who permit us to do so.

Unfortunately, although we’ve always tried to respect those conditions, we have been mistaken for a certain facebook fanpage, in which the owner shares pics and information without the consent of the owners. This angered many fans, who asked this person to stop her shameless actions for several months.  However, that didn’t stop the owner of the fanpage to go on. But the problem is that this facebook fanpage is under our name and we were accused as well. Of course, it would be easy to warn all the fans from all around the world that the facebook page doesn’t belong to us even though it is already damaging our image and all the efforts we put into the creation of the YooAhInHaven’s fandom. But, another problem is even more important.  This person has shared illegal information. Those information are only available if you paid a membership in Yoo Ah In’s official’s fanclub. Now, we are particularly worried about this.  Because all of this is done under our name, we could have problems which we never asked for. Most of all, because of this, we will be perceived as fans who don’t respect Yoo Ah In himself and his own agency. Those are illegal information that shouldn’t be spread and those acts are punishable by the law. What are we supposed to do?

Well of course, we had to talk to the owner of this fanpage. First we asked this person to erase our name from the fanpage.  That way, this person will be the only one to take responsibilities for her own actions. Unfortunately, we understood that Facebook wouldn’t let the person modify the page since she already did that before.  And, Facebook only allows this action once.

While debating with the team, and talking with the owner who didn’t seem to be that opened to cooperate with us and who kept giving excuses such as “I didn’t know, I thought that Haven was a name given by Ah In, you can always create your second YAIHaven’s page”, two options came out of our discussions:

1. Ask her to delete the fanpage.
2. Take over the page and do a major cleaning for the unauthorized items and ask permissions for posting. In addition, we must notify the viewers that YAIhaven is taking over this person’s facebook fanpage. It’s not her personal page anymore. Any previous Incidents are not related to YaIhaven i.e. with JFC (three times).

Here was our decision that I sent to this person:

Hi!  I am going to tell you what we have decided.  We decided to ask you to close your facebook page.

Here are our reasons: 

– First this decision has been made because the Facebook page is under our website’s name, which is the reason all of us have been angered by your actions and have felt bothered by the situation.

– You have shared, under our name, several pictures and informations without having the fans’ permission. That alone damages the image we’ve tried to keep from the very start of this blog. But even worse: you have shared illegal informations, pictures that were only available if you have a paid membership to AH IN’s fanclub. We could get terrible consequences because of that, since there is a huge possibility your FB page will be considered as connected to us. We do not have to take responsability for your own and single actions, because this is not our fault.

– We can not let this facebook page opened because there are too many informations and pictures that have to be taken out.

– We do not want to be part of your team because firstly, this facebook page has a story that doesn’t respect our original way of doing things (aka respect the fans and AH IN), secondly because we thought that you wouldn’t accept to resign as an admin and let us take over your FB page, thirdly because if we have to create something we prefer that it comes out as clean from the start to the end; Finally, because we wouldn’t be able to explain why we took over your FB page, that doesn’t seem to be something that we would be proud to do, and to present to all the haveners.

If you want to start another FB page, go ahead as long as that doesn’t have our website’s name on it and as long as it is not associated to us. You will be alone to take your responsabilities. We can’t bear responsabilities we never asked for.

I will give you one day to close it and do all the necessary things. I am waiting for your answer whether it is positive or negative, I will still give you one day to think about it.

After that, if you didn’t close your FB page, we will act differently, we already discuessed about that.

Sorry for replying so late, it was an important decision, but all the members who participated to the debate agreed with this decision, which means it was taken by the majority of YAIHaven’s team.

IF you want to write an apology, you can still do it, as I said previoulsy.

  • YAIHaven’s team.

This person’s answer:

what are you talking about? close your facebook page?   I gave the labori can’t do this, i’m not going to do this. i will declare that I don’t cooperate with you. and i will  write an apology. you can create a fb page named yooahinhaven.

After a negative answer, we would like you to help us spread those information. Again, more details about further decision and steps will be posted soon.


Hi lovely #haveners !
I am @Furbabe from Yoo Ah In Haven team (YAIHaven). I was asked by the owner of Haven’s site, @Tinysunbl, to take care of YAIHaven official Youtube account since early 2011. The Haven website itself was established in 2010.
The name of “Haven” was created through voting and discussion among the members. The word “Haven” means “a place” or “refuge”. People who started YAIHaven clearly have that in mind, that is, a place for anything related to Yoo Ah In.We are committed to rule of conducts that we respect copyrights of works and the original owners on everything that we do. We already had 3

successful international projects: Good Luck 10K Papercranes project (March 2011), Yoo Ah In birthday project (Oct 2011), and Yoo Ah In New York Snack project (Feb 2012). Thanks to these projects, YAIHaven gained attention and was mentioned several times on Korean media. We have a good relationship with Yoo Ah In’s agency as well. In short, we are an international fansclub with good reputation.

However, lately we found out that our fansclub name has been used by irresponsible person as a facebook fanpage link without our consent. We found out there she posted many pictures/videos/artworks that she took without permission from other fandoms and bloggers. The copyrights violations she has done resulted in complaints from several parties to Haven’s team, although wasn’t made formally and openly on YAIHaven’s website.We also found out later that she advertised her facebook link that contains YAIHaven’s name on her Youtube accounts too, normally on the information box of her uploaded videos. Unfortunately, some of these videos are also taken from the original owners without permissions/proper credits.

We have explained to her that we were hold responsible by other people violated by her action because of her using YAIHaven name. That’s why we want her to change the name, that’s all about, nothing more. She stated that she has tried to change the name but failed to do so. Thus, the only option we could offer to her is closing her fanpage. But she refused by saying she has put her hard work on it.

I have written our suggestion in her facebook page, that she can put up an announcement that she’s migrating to the new page, and she can move all of the contents of her current page to the new one, and I believe all her followers will gladly continue to subscribe to her new page. As long as she stops using Haven’s name, we will not bother to bring this issue up.

If she brings up the hard work (“labor”) she has put on the current page, and that she has to do it all over again on the new page, then it’s a consequence she has to face for the irresponsible decisions she made on the first place.

Though we believe it’s a simple rationale, we found out that she has no good intention and is not capable enough to understand our point. Thus, we will take further actions to put this matter to an end. In the meantime, I hope that everyone can give us full support and help us spreading these information that we are not associated with her facebook and youtube accounts.

Thank you.