Hi~ Haveners~ We Finally did it!!

Hi~ Haveners.

I’m really glad to tell you we finished our big! big! event for YAI!

I’m really thank all of you guys folding the paper cranes, sending me them from each of your countries and mostly waiting me for a long time.

In this morning, I prepared our cranes in the acrlic boxes- those are six boxes and I left In-Cheon.

It was friday so traffic jam in Seoul was serious. It took almost one and half hours for arriving Star K Office. ^^;;;;

And I was little bit hurry in the morning so I didn’t take my camera. Fortunately, my dearest friend took her camera so she took pics for me. ^^

We – me and my friend – were finally there. In fact, I had contected with Jae – Min Manager who is one of YAI’s managers before, however this morning, he called me he couldn’t see us because he had to be with YAI in shooting scean.

But he really thanked to you guys and he was really impressed cause he couldn’t think YAI’s Inter fans did something for YAI.

And the previous time, when I had contected to him, he said they had never received any cranes from abroad. So I knew something bad had happened to French and Malaysian Haveners’ cranes.

Anyway, in the office, I could meet Hong manager who had been with YAI in the Launch my Life~. ^^

Actually, the acrlic boxes were protected by thin films which sticked on the surfaces. So I and my friend started to take off the films. Then Hong manager said ” Leave it. Because if Ah-In takes them to his home, it will get some scratches~”


I was really happy when I heard it, weren’t you?


Anyway~ My mission was completed.

Thanks again to your wishing good luck for me.

P.S – 1. YAI will leave to New York 13th July.

2. Don’t worry about the cost for acrlic boxes. It is my gift for you guys.

3. I sent your presents him too, so don’t worry.

I send my love to you guys~ See ya~

Hi~ haveners~ It’s YAI’s latest tweet~

Hi~ Long time no see. ^^;;;

This is the  latest tweet by YAI.

I’m not sure it is correct but I tried.


Oh~ One more thing.

Our Crane event will deliver in this week or next week.

I already made acrilic boxes for each countries. It cost almost 450$ ^^;;

So Look forward to my news of it, my dear friends~ ^^

Let’s go.

대상은 한개로 족한 어떤 시상식보다 대상 일곱개로도 모자란 어떤 버라이어티의 시상식이 더 권위있는지도 모르겠다. 재밌고 감동적이며 굵고 단단한 뼈가 느껴진다. 새벽 라면과 무도에 어지간히도 행복하다 푸하하

I don’t know which award ceremony is more authoritative – a ceremony which is enough for one Grand Prize or the other which is not good enough for seven Grand Prizes even if it is a ceremony given by a certain variety show. It was fun, touching and I can feel its thick and hard bone(It means hard base….. ^^) In dawning, I am pretty happy becuase of Ramen and Mudo ( Mu Han Do Jeon – It is very famous veriety show in Korea) PUHAHA

^^ Have a nice day~

hi~ haveners~ Long time no see~

I’m really sorry cause I didn’t post for long time.

But, I awalys stop by here~ my dear friends. ^^;;

I ‘m almost dead fo saying a lot of things……^^

Frist, I met YAI right next to me.

Oh~ I can here your scream………. ^^

Acutally, I’m writing some Fan Fictions on the Tell-Zone these days.

And one of my fellow picked up an event named ” Conversation with A-In” and she invited me for joining with her.

I was really lucky, I know~

And I got the third seat from him. ^^

Ye~ It’s lucky too. ^^ Call me Lucky~ hehe.

And I watched him for 1and half hour.

He…………….. had really strong self-esteem about hi acting.

And he is the most honest actor in Korea, I think.

In Korea, sometimes, it’s very risk when one entertainer has honest attitude.

But he was that kind of person.

A woman asked him “How do you think the difference between honesty and rudeness?”

You guys already know Launch of my Life.

In there, he showed his strong personality.

Some Korean fans dissappointed him cuase they thought he was rude. ^^;;

And the question aimed that part.

But he answered ” Honesty and rudeness is very different. I thought that was honest attiude and I acted like that. But when I came back home and thought deeply, and then I realized that was rudeness. I’m sorry about that attitude.”

And there were a lot of questions. But the event was for talking about Movie and passion. When he got some different questions. like “How do you think about NuNa fans?”

He answered only “Thank you.”

It meant he didn’t like that question.”

He showed his feelings honest.

OMG. He was so cool.

And Ta-da~

There was a special event picking THREE people.

They can shake hands with him, get his autograph and take photo with him.

And I was that person. HAHAHAHA

You have to call me “Lucky~”


When I realized I was picked, OMG. I couldn’t think at all!!!!!!

He had nice low voice and when I was shaking hands with him, he was really nervous so his hands were shaking slightly.

And his hands were sooooo cooooooold.


I want to share photos but I am not a computer person……..

I can’t erase the other peoples faces on the photo.

So I attach only his autograph.

And I sent him some of your presents. However, not personally. Sorry about that.

See you again, my dear fellowers.

As you know~ I really miss you guys~