Yoo Jack & Jill Fall Collection

Just a really Quick post! No explation needed…its all about YOO! 🙂

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EDIT : Total failure, its been a while since I last posted something kekek :p,  where are the pictures!??!@#???!@#?

Here is the link : http://micro.jackandjill.co.kr/#/764020380 (ill post the picture once i figure out how…**** shame face*** asha )

Edit 2 : Finally! Seen our Gorgeous YOO? …Amazing really, he have the kind of face that can change into anything! A face that can launch a thousand ship…kekeke, what can I say I’m bessoted #havener!

Here ‘s a short clips also on NYC filming : (credit :    & mathednim =)

Yoo Ah In Launch my Life Preview (P2) – English Subtitles (mathed & Stacy)

Hello Haveners! Me back again! Just wanna share this wonderful clip share by KitsuneMD@ twitter! Enjoy the different sides of our MR.YOO, the cool, the dorky, the crazy and the inner child of YOO AH IN! What a deadly combination!


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GOODLUCK YOO AH IN PROJECT Packaging Design & others

Hello Haveners! It’s a hell of a week! figuratively speaking and in (my real world) literally speaking…but thanks to Yoo Ah In goodies, I survived!? Anyway, what this post all about?  Here…

  1. I have an announcement to make, regarding the Final stage of our “GOODLUCK YOO AH IN ORIGAMI Crane project”. As you know, collection start last February 19, and most of the cranes & gifts were already sent and received by Unnie Ancientkingdom.  ( UPDATE here).  But, AK unnie, have some questions for you guys, please help us here :
  • How many countries join this event?

As for my knowledge, these are the confirm participants:

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YOO AH IN’s Boxing training video for the Movie “Wan Deugi”

Seeksik ONLINE!!!!!! that’s the magic words @twitter and haveners will be on a panic mode! Who wouldn’t our young master  Sik  share some goodies! YAY!

First, he twitted this (Translated by fascinatedwithU @twitter aka Stacy one of our KTranslator -thanks dear, even though your busy today you still share your translations! BIG haveners Hug! )

Feb 23. Twit : 젯진너므느무넘흐잘봤어 ㅎㅎ 트위터로 누나의 곤욕의 나날들 지켜보며 안타까워하고 있어 힘내세요!!!!!알라뷰

Translation : “I really really really enjoyed Z-zine Magazine. haha~ I’ve been disappointed at seeing your (Jo Sun hee’s) days with trouble on Twitter. Take it easy!!!!
I love you. (My bad! I post wrong translation earlier, sorry Stacy, updated as per advise-Asha)

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Goodluck Yoo Ah In 2011 Origami Cranes Project update

Last January 11, we have launch our First Haveners Global Project called “Goodluck YAI Origami Cranes Project” as our way of wishing Yoo Ah In  goodluck and also to let him know of our “HAVEN’s” existence.  Our aim was to send 1000 Origami Cranes to our YAI before the release of his latest movie, but because of the enthusiastic response from YAI lovers worldwide (in which we are truly grateful) the 1k aim somehow became 1k per country project!

Its been a week since the deadline of collection, are you curious guys? The good news is…it was a success! Here are the pictures! Enjoy!!!! 😀

First is from Thailand! I think they’re one of the first to finished the 1k Origami cranes. This picture was shared by Thailand Coordinator, Bluesherbet103.

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