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December News of Yoo Ah-in

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since any news have been posted on the Haven. But you know it doesn’t mean Mr. Yoo has been missing from the news. In fact, there’s quite a bit of news about him in the past weeks! I hope I can cover the big ones in this post. If I missed out on other news, just comment and I’ll add it on. Continue reading

‘Wandeugi’ gives up first place, still raking in thousands

Seeing Yoo Ah-in‘s movie Wandeugi a.k.a. Punch climb up the charts has been quite an exciting thing. At least for me. And perhaps other fans of his, especially our lovely Haveners. Since its release in October 20, 2011, Wandeugi was the hottest ticket in town in the second half of 2011. For the first five weeks since its initial release, Wandeugi managed to claim the first place spot. Those five weeks alone managed to rake in over 4,2 million tickets, which, in the Korean movie business, is a lot. On average, the movie brought in 800,000 moviegoers, with a peak in week 3 with over 1,1 million tickets sold in a single week. The movie remained strong in the sales department even in its 6th week, with 4,745,131 tickets sold in total. Continue reading

Movie Review: Sky and Ocean (2009)

Hello Haveners! Wow, it’s been such a long time since I posted here so I’m glad I can finally present you guys a post. Our lovely tinysunbl asked me if this review can be posted here in Haven, and of course I said of course. The one posted here is the shortened version, if you can say, because the original is very long (a little over 1700 words to be exact). So for the comfort of you eyes and boosums, I present to you the short(er) version of my Sky and Ocean review! If you have the patience to read the full version, please head on over here. Enjoy!

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Believe it or not this movie was premiered back in October 2009 and download links were only up just this weekend. So was it worth the wait?

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Mnet 2011 20’s Choice – Hot 20’s Voice!

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Hello Haveners! How are you today? If you’ve noticed, today is 07-07! I’m not sure if it’s a special date for anyone, but I hope with all the 7’s it is a lucky day!

I know we’re all waiting for Mr. Yoo’s new movie Wandeuki, which I heard has an international title named Punch, but in the mean time here’s a bit of news about him. Today Mnet held an award ceremony called 20’s Choice which was held in Sheraton Grand Walkerhill swimming pool in Seoul. The host is Miss A’s Suzy and our lovable Yeorim Song Joongki. It rained quite a bit but that didn’t stop the ceremony. Continue reading

HAZZYS in London Photoshoot: Extended

The title in Korean for the first set of pictures is 헤지스 화보촬영 현장, 고뇌 어린 유아인의 표정 포착 which roughly translates to “Hazzys Photoshoot Scene, Capturing the Expression of Agony of Young Yoo Ah-in” or something like that. Am I right? Please correct me. These came out of Hazzys own blog (www.hazzystory.com) so you might want to visit them. It’s pretty cool. Some of them have been previously seen it the scan but I still like original digitals. So here they are!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Continue reading

Live Report of KBS Drama Awards 2010!

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I decided to do a live report of KBS Drama Awards 2010. I won’t be translating spoken words, because seriously I don’t understand that much. If I do understand, I will tell. This post will be updated as the award ceremony is proceeding.

I didn’t watch for the beginning, only about 20 minutes in. Update: So I ended up editing quite a few after the awards are over but overall they’re live reports. I didn’t want it to be a raw live report so all of you can read it well. I did not read any news at all, all the things written are according to what I saw. There might be some wrong things so I might need to fix them later.

The award ceremony is MCed by Choi Soojung, Lee Dahae and Song Joongki. The ceremony will be divided into three parts. I might post the winners list when I can get my hands on it. In the following post, I will only write down winners/categories that has to do with Mr. Yoo or Sungkyungkwan Scandal.
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[Photos] Our Global Star, Yoo Ah-in!

This is good news for everyone here (of course, I would hate to post bad news anyways). Our (why do I keep saying our?) shooting rising star, Yoo Ah-in is going global! Well, at least his photo shoots are. Get excited guys, because more delicious pictures of Mr. Yoo will be in our hands in one-or-so month!
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[Video] Sungkyunkwan Scandal After Party

The time has come for our beloved Crazy Horse which we have come to love, Moon Jaeshin, to put down his arrow. KBS’s sageuk drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal showed it’s 20th and last episode on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. I personally haven’t watched it and am desperately trying to stay away from spoilers. But, no worries to those who are like me. Spoilers are no where to be found here. What I found is a video of the Sungkyunkwan Scandal After Party!

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[Video] Yoo Ah-in Sings!

Hi everyone! It’s keritingirl on her very first post. Anyways, let’s cut to the chase.

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Okay, not really. But I’ve been looking for this for quite some time. But, now I’ve found it and have come to share it with you all! Here is Mr. Yoo Ah-in singing! I’m not really sure what song he’s singing. If any of you know, please do share it with us all. This is from when he became one of the featured young actors of 2009 in KBS’s Entertainment Replay, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t really know much of it really, so if anyone does, please share with us!

Without further ado, here it is! Kudos to detortue@Youtube.

A little comment from me. Well, I have to be honest with you. He’s not much of a singer, is he. He should definitely stick with acting. But this is some fan service he made. It was sweet, and he was shy about it. He almost whispered the lyrics from all the shyness. You can also tell he was a bit forced to do this. But, thank you, Mr. Yoo, you have left this fangirl (and perhaps many others) squealing smiling in delight!

*UPDATED BY Tinyunbl*

According to yongtae and FionaQueen, the song Ah In sang was “To You,” by Seotaiji.

Seotaiji is one of Ah In’s favorite singers. He’s a very famous rock star in Korea, most influential among the 70s, 80s generation.

Here is the song:

Thanks for sharing the additional info!!!!