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Fashion King News Bulletin 2


1. Ratings this week:

AGB Nielsen Korea
1st episode: 10,0%
2nd episode:  8,9% (-1,1%)

TNS Media Korea
1st episode: 12.4%
2nd episode: 11,5% (-0,9%)

2. Watch online. For those in North America, Fashion King is on DRAMAFEVER!

3.  Recap Ep. 1 (Dramabeans), Ep. 1 (Maddinoasylum)

4. Cute gifs: 1, 2, 3

5. Preview ep. 3

How has Fashion King been for you? After a very bright, enjoyable episode 1, I am disappointed with the illogical makjang elements of episode 2. Crossing the Mexico border on a van, and then hitch-hiking from Mexico all the way to New York??? You like to kid me right, show? At least, the main actors are doing an almighty job at keeping the story going. Sik came back in full force. He’s too cute I can’t take his crying scenes seriously lol.

Here’s an eye-candy for the soul:

Fashion King news bulletin 1

Fashion King premieres today! Are you ready??????????????

Because this year is an important transitional year for my career, I cannot commit as much time to blogging and the fandom as I used to. I really appreciate it if you all can help Haven remain the number one source of news for Ah In and FK. Also, I really hope to post weekly recaps of Fashion King to help publicize Ah In’s drama and also Haven itself. If anyone wants to help me with recapping, please leave a message in the comment 🙂

Here are some juicy news:

1. Fashion King held its press conference on March 14th. Yoo Ah In wore Prada, Shin Se Kyung donned Carven, and Yuri picked Roland Mauret for the event. I think the blue dress makes Yuri look rather old, but the cast all look lovely  I kinda have a crush on Lee Je Hoon here 🙂 (sorry oppa!).

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Yoo Ah In: “I Haven’t Dated Another Celebrity Since I was 20 years old”

On the November 2 broadcast of “One Night of TV Entertainment,” Yoo Ah In revealed that he never dated another celebrity after the age of 20 (Korean age). He debuted at age of 18 through the youth series, “Sharp 1.”

On the type of women he has dated, Yoo Ah In described, “A past girlfriend used to go back and forth from being uptight and being relaxed. I felt a certain charm in that and wanted her more.”

Yoo Ah In also stated that in the future, he would like to be in a relationship in which he can give his whole heart to.

Yoo Ah In also revealed in this interview the fact that he carries around three cellphones. On one phone he has 300 contacts stored. The second one has 20 contacts. The third has his closest friends stored and is never off.

Yoo Ah In also carries around a lighter engraved with the words “From —‘s Best Friend, Prince Uhm Hong Shik.” “Uhm Hong Shik” is Yoo Ah In’s real name and the lighter was created for his best friend’s birthday. Yoo Ah In wanted to give something more meaningful and he thought it would be funny. He ordered a thousand of these lighters last year and still has a ton left at home.

Viewers also got a glimpse of Yoo Ah In’s national ID card picture. The picture was taken when he was around 17 and 18 years old. In contrast to his current tough image, the photo shows a cuter and younger side of Yoo Ah In.

In related news, Yoo Ah In’s newest movie, “Punch,” is a box office hit with 1,753,047 viewers recorded between October 20 and November 1.

Source: soompi

Wandeukee (2011) Review: His enemy, His teacher, and…His neighbor

This is a review of Wandeukee by kaist455.  Kaist455 is generous enough to allow me to repost it on Haven. Please do not take the review out without permission from the writer. -tinysunbl

If you are a South Korean and you were relatively lucky while going through ruthless South Korean education system, you probably had at least one teacher who ‘bothered’ you a lot in your school days. He had a lot of interest in you, and he might make you crazy because he made no secret about that in front of your classmates and your family. I knew that too well. Several teachers at my middle school saw that I was an oddball among students, and they cared about me a little bit more than other students. Some of them actually visited my parents just because they lived near my home.

To a high school student named Wan-deuk (Yoo Ah-in), the hero of South Korean coming-of-age drama “Punch”(2011), his teacher Dong-joo (Kim Yoon-seok), or Dung-joo as Wan-deuk called, looks like a formidable nemesis who will never go away from his life. Don-joo is always near him whether it is at the school or outside the school. At the school, with lots of banters, Doo-joo blatantly mentions about Wan-deuk’s poor household or low grade in front of Wan-deuk’s classmates – much to Wan-deuk’s humiliation. Wan-deuk is not so free from Dong-joo even at his rooftop home, because he lives right next to his home. No wonder Wan-deuk goes to the church nearby and prays to the higher existence living somewhere above the sky to give his annoying enemy eternal peace for his peace of mind. Continue reading