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Heads Up: Fashion King’s premiere moved to March 19

History of a Salaryman hit a ratings high so it’s now extended for two more episodes. It’s the drama before Fashion King so naturally, this extension moves Fashion King’s premiere date. Just informing you guys because I told you time and again to mark March 12 in your calendars. You need not erase that mark since it means there’s only one week till we see our beloved Yoo Ah In on our screens (be it a TV or a computer heehee) and we can start a week-long anticipation party. Oh yeah!

Anyway, mark March 19 as the day Fashion King premieres! See ya all when it premieres! 😀

Fashion King releases Character Photos and Profiles

Yey! SBS has released the character photos of our four leads and corresponding character profiles. Can you feel it? March 12 is so near!

Yoo Ah In plays Kang Yeong Geol (which I think will get romanized to Kang Young Gul), a happy-go-lucky twenty-something without a dream or goal. He is described as naughty and cool. But behind the tough exterior, he is actually a man who lets other people trample on his dream. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t want to cause any trouble by blocking anyone’s path. So I guess he’s sort of a martyr? In this world where he was always told that pursuing your dreams is foolish, he meets Lee Ga Yeong who inspires him to pursue his dreams and reach his goals.

More under the cut for the other character! Btw, thanks to SBS for the photos and for Purple Lee for the translation of the character profiles.

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Fashion King Stills (Part 4)

Here are more stills from Fashion King, featuring both Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung. The cast and crew of Fashion King will be heading to New York to film and it’s also said that they will also film at Vegas. Big budget, huh? Anyway, enjoy more stills under the cut!

P.S. I can’t think of a title so there goes point 4. Here are the first set of stills I posted, the second set and the third set. Enjoy!

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First Set of Stills for Fashion King

Hi, it’s whoopeeyoo! I’ve been a member of Haven for so long but this is I think my first substantial post. Haha! Anyway, as you may know, Yoo Ah In is headlining an upcoming SBS drama called Fashion King. It’s about young designers in Dongdaemun market who dream to get big and their entangling relationships with each other. I also posted the photos from the first table read back in December. Fashion King also stars Lee Je Hoon (Bleak Night, The Front Line and the upcoming Introduction to Architecture), Shin Se Kyung (Tree with Deep Roots, High Kick Through the Roof) and SNSD member Yuri.

Fashion King premieres on March 12. Mark your calendars! I know mine’s marked already. Heehee.

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Regarding the Subbing of Yoo Ah In’s Upcoming Movie, Wandeukee

Hi Haveners! I’m Dianne but I go by the name whoopeeyoo or tomakunisnumberone (I know it’s confusing) and this is my first post! Weehoo! Btw, I’ve been a behind-the-scenes person. I’m extremely grateful for the admins ❤ that made me an editor! I’m sure the site’s still not that organized but I’m working on it! Soon, there will be tag index page and other stuff!

Well, to the topic and title of my post. 😛 I’m currently an editor for Fighting! Fansubs. I’m still new as I basically signed up for them recently. But I brought up subbing Wandeukee as help is greatly needed. And here’s the conversation I had with the founder of the said fansub group. 🙂

whoopeeyoo: I’m an admin of Yoo Ah In Haven, a wordpress blog and a community dedicated to Yoo Ah In and they’re searching for people or a subbing team to collaborate with in subbing Yoo Ah In’s upcoming movie, Wandeukee. I told them I’d bring this up here. So yeah, I’m bringing it up. 🙂

DashRabbit: Do you have any translators on your site?

whoopeeyoo: Yes, we have translators on our site. 🙂

DashRabbit: Cool we don’t mind subbing it then. Our translators are busy with other projects so we won’t be able to translate. But we can help you guys with timing and editing. Let me know.

And yeah, I basically just told her how much I love her and them!

So, yeah guys! We got some help for subbing! I know our beloved translators are really busy but at least we don’t have to time and edit on our own! I could personally do the editing since I’m an editor! Aha! So, all we need is some DVDRip of Wandeukee and we’re all set! I’ll just probably coordinate with them clearly when Wandeukee’s out. :DDD

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