[Random] MOON CAKE Potluck Party

What: Chuseok/Mid-autumn Festival Special MOON CAKE Potluck

Where: Yoo Ah In Haven

When: Mid-autum festival or whenever MOON CAKES make you salivate

How: Admission is free, but we strongly recommend you bring and share your favorite MOON CAKES with your fellow Haveners (in comment)

HOT tea and cappuccino is on me. My fav MOON CAKE:

Here is some herbal tea:

Did I say I love my MOON CAKE?

SISTAR’s Hyorin Wants to Appear on MBC “We Got Married” with Yoo Ah In

SISTAR recently appeared on MBC Every1‘s “Idol Weekly” that will air on September 10. During the show, they revealed facts regarding their weight, ideal type, plastic surgery, and personal strengths.

The show’s MCs, Jung Hyung Don and Defconn, were surprised by SISTAR’s honesty that’s usually not present in most girl groups nowadays. The MCs didn’t even have to request SISTAR for specific answers to avoid ambiguity due to the fact that they were always straight to the point instead of going off tangent.

What really caught the MCs’ attention was Hyorin‘s short comment regarding her ideal type. She stated, “As it has already been revealed, my ideal type is indeed Kang Dong Won, but I would really like to appear on the show, ‘We Got Married,’ with actor Yoo Ah In. I’m attracted to men with a bad boy image.” In addition to Hyorin’s comment, Soyou added, “I also like men with a bad boy image so I would also like to appear on ‘We Got Married’ with Yoo Ah In.” After Soyou revealed this fact on the show, Hyorin and Soyou appeared to become a little tense.

Soyou later sent a video message to Yoo Ah In saying, “Please pick between me or Hyorin!” After she sent this message, her face turned as red as an apple which made her look younger and cuter.

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LATEST MASTERSIK TWITPICS! ^_^ & Haveners pick-uplines

Hello! Hello! Haveners! How are you all? Its been awhile.  Haveners @ twitterverse just finished a fun pick-up line party with Mastersik! Well we are assuming he is reading our mentions …and he was playing the #pick-uplines vs mastersik twitpic game with us…and he never dissappoint. Here are the twitpics to share… Enjoy!

(We think he is still in LA…he have some wonderful tweets as well , but I will let our KOREAN HAVENERS do the translation later, Mr Google is not much help with his kind of Tweets)

Here are the twitpics:

He loved making funny faces infront of the camera, so cute! And that’s what you missed @ twitterverse! HAPPY DAY!

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It’s SEEksik 2011!

So, how’s everyone?  How’s 2011 so far? Mine’s ok, just work and some P’ funtime @the twitterverse with Haveners …it was Awesome! Party everynight! Here are some “HOT”Topics to share, it varies from:

#VOTINGnonestopvsJGSvotingmachinezombies (sadtosaywelostinhereaswell)

(note: I think xia666 aka selvmord- is our yaivotingmachine at that time)

#Foot fetish 


#deleted twit  “O”





(cutttteeeeeeee!-thanks Janjher for sharing this)


Appartly, it cost Price: €125,00(http://www.antonioli.eu/products/7470-cor-sine-labe-doli-bowtie?gen=men) Thanks to kitsuneMD & Knetizen

#LatinLesson “SERVAME, SERVABOTE”, save me and I will save you

(me, want the ring! couple ring with the haveners & YAI!LOL)

and sometime, Master Sik aka Professorsik makes an appearance, in the middle of the night or early in the morning (say around 3:30/4:00 am) , that can cause #Haveners panic attack! LOL

Year end awards was a hot topic as well, but I won’t go into details,  Conanblue, Ink and Ancientkingdom have shared those already, but I like to share this  intermisson, shared by summersky (AKA kitsuneMD of Twitterverse ),  its cuteness overload! Sexy Yoo Ah In, Pouting Yoo Ah In & Brushing Yoo Ah In, , in just 00:36 seconds!  ( Sorry don’t know how to share the video but here’s the link http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=yai&no=100962&page=1&recommend=1&recommend=1&bbs credit : dcinsider)

BTW, Latin lesson is still on going… admission still on! Care to enroll?Haveners are following an awesome syllabus,  I think, lesson will continue until, professor sik make another twit…


(Special thanks to all HAVENERS @ Twitterverse)

[Contest] Write a letter to Ah In and win a copy of Cine 21~!

Hi everyone!!

YAI Haven is thrilled to announce our first ~contest~!

The rules are simple.

Write a letter addressed to Yoo Ah In–it can be any length, it can be typed, drawn, whatever you want–but it has to be in English, and it has to be submitted to jaeshinah1@gmail.com OR tinysunbl@yahoo.com by 11:59pm on December 31, 2010, KST. =)

We will post the letters on YAI Haven, along with an announcement of the winner, two weeks later. Empty your heart=) Write whatever you always wanted to say to Ah In.

*NOTE* We’re not actually sending these to Ah In~! This is just for the Haven.=)

The writer of the best letter will win a copy of the November issue of  Cine 21, featuring Ah In.

Yay! Good luck!!

[Random] The (imagined) drama between IU, Taeyang, and Ah In

I remember giving IU a shout-out on this site since she recently named Yoo Ah In as her ideal man.

Well, now I take it back.

After receiving the phrase that even the most timid fangirl would bungee jump to get from Yoo Ah In “cho doh saranghamnida,” IU confessed in an interview the reason for hitting the “like” Yoo Ah In button. She is known to be a big fangirl of Taeyang, so why the switch?

“I kept talking about Taeyang so much on broadcast programs, that my mom gave me a warning. She said that if I talked about Taeyang one more time, she would disown me. That’s why I named Yoo Ah In as my ideal man instead of Taeyang…”

Err….is it a legit reason girl? To read more about this, you can read the allkpop article here. Anyway, if this post has a point at all, it is to present to you some of the (angry) fangirls’ hilarious reactions to this drama-that-is-never-drama episode:

and now my heart’s bleeding when I saw those “love you too IU” vid, darn! what a waste ^___^

Just go for Taeyang girl

what the heck? IU plz go for Taeyang! the competition is already heated here

IU pls make up ur mind! Can’t hit on both stars!

And here is genius Asha‘s series of “Ah-in responding to IU’s explanation,” which makes me seriously ROFL:

Reaction to IU new confession/betrayal-How embarassing

It says: “She said what? Who. How embarrassing!” LMAO

Reaction to IU new confession/betrayal-I still have Youna

“be happy with your choice. I’m happy with mine! I still have Younha hahaha” LOL

Reaction to IU new confession/betrayal! GIF-Who cares…

“She said what? Ahh, well everyone knew my confession was just scripted@ GDA. Besides, who needs a pickle Fangirl! I have the Haveners (in heart) who love me till the end…heart” -LOLOLOLOL

Source: allkpop, various tweets, and Asha’s Tumblr

A smorgasbord of randomosity fueled by my incredible procrastination skills


It is past midnight on a Tuesday morning/Wednesday night here in Korea and I am restless because I have lots to do and ZERO desire to do it, and my brain is too tired to translate anything at the moment (there’s no new news, as far as I can tell, so we should be all caught up^^ The number of older interviews awaiting me, however, is a different story) so I have taken the liberty of indulging myself with Korean YAI-related sites and you would not believe the gems I found. Seriously. Get ready. ^______^


An amazing fan by the username of 과수원 (Kwasoowon) has posted some of the funniest Photoshop jobs ever seen on planet Earth, basically.

Small caption: “Pissed off”
Larger caption: “Hey now.. you dump me for a new guy and that’s the best you can do?

Top caption: Whaddya want

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