Afterthoughts of ‘완득이’

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After watching 완득이, friends had asked me to write a review~ I have been thinking about it for a while now~ Finally, here is what I have…  These are some afterthoughts of mine…  I am sharing them with you~ Can it be considered as a review?! haha~ You can decide it~


Ever since I found out that ‘Punch’ will be showing in New York Metropolitan area, I have been counting the days and trying to figuring out a way to get to the theater.  After some planning, I finally managed to figure out when and how so that I can get to the theater in New Jersey.

The day finally was here.  We decided to leave early just to make sure that we don’t miss the movie due to the traffic that often occurs in NYC.  The theater is not in New York but in New Jersey.  So, we have to go through the NYC traffic and cross the George Washington Bridge to get to the theater.  Unfortunately, as we were getting closer, we took a wrong turn which made us ended up on the road that we couldn’t make the right exit!!  After 15 minutes of going around, we finally got on the right side of the road and got to the theater in one piece.

Before seeing the movie, I had read many articles and interviews about it.  So, I did know the story line.  If you are interested in the synopsis of the movie, you can click here to read about it.

Wan-deuk, played by Ah In, is a 17-year-old student who was always by himself and did not get along with anyone.  He sort of separated himself from his peers.  It feels like as if he was looking at this world as an outsider.  What’s happening in his classroom with his classmates did not concern him at all.  He didn’t do well at school and often got into fist fights.  Since his father was a dancer in a cabaret, he pretty much spent most of the time there as he was growing up.  His father took in a guy who was mentally challenged and taught the guy how to dance.  Eventually, the two of them worked together to earn their living on the road when the cabaret closed down.  To Wan-deuk, that was his family.  And that was how he lived.

However, things started to change when he met his homeroom teacher, Dong-ju, who ended up to be a social activist and happened to be his neighbor also.  Dong-ju showed his care of Wan-deuk through a very unique way.  It almost appears that Dong-ju enjoyed picking on Wan-deuk to the point where Wan-deuk always prayed for Dong-ju to be dead.  But, through the process, Dong-ju brought Wan-deuk and his long lost mother back together.  It was very touching when Wan-deuk took his mother to buy a pair of new shoes and then took her to the bus stop.  She asked if she could give him a hug.  The emotion between the two actors was just so moving.

Meanwhile, Wan-deuk also “discovered” that Dong-ju was just a human being like himself.  Dong-ju even asked Wan-deuk for advice on how to get a girl’s attention.  Dong-ju even copied Wan-deuk’s love letter.  The funny part was it actually did work.  I have to say the love letter was very cute.

In addition, Dong-ju also introduced Wan-deuk kickboxing.  It sure helps to release all that extra energy in a 17-year-old boy.  It also gave him a sense of goal in his life.  Although in a match, he got beaten up pretty badly, at the end of the match, he was finally laughing so happily.  It appeared that he was satisfied even if he lost the match.  With the help of Dong-ju, Wan-deuk finally opened up and started to be with his peers just like a 17-year-old boy would do.

One thing that I haven’t mentioned is their relationship with another “crazy” neighbor.  From being fighting all the time to being getting along at the end, the movie shows how different people can tolerate each other and find a way to get along.  Again, I feel that in this movie, it shows how different relationships evolved through time and how their interactions bring them closer to each other despite many differences among them.  There are a couple different issues which were brought up in the movie that are important, such as multicultural relationships and illegal immigrants.

Overall, it is, just like many had said, a very heart-warming movie.  It’s funny, refreshing, touching, and yet brings attentions to some social issues that exist in the current society.  The interactions between actors and how they portray their roles are really good and natural. Especially, I feel that Ah In did a great job portraying the role of Wan-deuk.  Throughout the movie, Ah In displayed so many detailed gestures that can only be found in a 17-year-old boy.  He showed them with his body languages, with his facial expressions, and with his eyes.  I have to say I really enjoyed the movie.


Wandeukee (2011) Review: His enemy, His teacher, and…His neighbor

This is a review of Wandeukee by kaist455.  Kaist455 is generous enough to allow me to repost it on Haven. Please do not take the review out without permission from the writer. -tinysunbl

If you are a South Korean and you were relatively lucky while going through ruthless South Korean education system, you probably had at least one teacher who ‘bothered’ you a lot in your school days. He had a lot of interest in you, and he might make you crazy because he made no secret about that in front of your classmates and your family. I knew that too well. Several teachers at my middle school saw that I was an oddball among students, and they cared about me a little bit more than other students. Some of them actually visited my parents just because they lived near my home.

To a high school student named Wan-deuk (Yoo Ah-in), the hero of South Korean coming-of-age drama “Punch”(2011), his teacher Dong-joo (Kim Yoon-seok), or Dung-joo as Wan-deuk called, looks like a formidable nemesis who will never go away from his life. Don-joo is always near him whether it is at the school or outside the school. At the school, with lots of banters, Doo-joo blatantly mentions about Wan-deuk’s poor household or low grade in front of Wan-deuk’s classmates – much to Wan-deuk’s humiliation. Wan-deuk is not so free from Dong-joo even at his rooftop home, because he lives right next to his home. No wonder Wan-deuk goes to the church nearby and prays to the higher existence living somewhere above the sky to give his annoying enemy eternal peace for his peace of mind. Continue reading

Movie Review: Sky and Ocean (2009)

Hello Haveners! Wow, it’s been such a long time since I posted here so I’m glad I can finally present you guys a post. Our lovely tinysunbl asked me if this review can be posted here in Haven, and of course I said of course. The one posted here is the shortened version, if you can say, because the original is very long (a little over 1700 words to be exact). So for the comfort of you eyes and boosums, I present to you the short(er) version of my Sky and Ocean review! If you have the patience to read the full version, please head on over here. Enjoy!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Believe it or not this movie was premiered back in October 2009 and download links were only up just this weekend. So was it worth the wait?

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Guh-roh, Yoo Ah In – Get extremely excited about an elaborate reinvention of a character..

Hi~ Haveners~ Really nice to meet you~. ^ ^*

I’m Stacy (a habit staring at YOO/ @fascinatedwithU), a new Kor-Eng translator for yooahinhaven~ *^ ^* Actually, it’s been such a long time since I addicted to this wonderful fansite, but I’ve never posted any articles myself! So happy to get started posting my translation here for you guys at last. This review below belongs to one of my Korean friends, Sylvia. She’s for sure YAI’s very big fan, too~. ^ ^ I was totally impressed by her nice review and really wanted to translate it into English for myself! I hope you guys get a good impression of my translation for this review. *^ ^*

PS: I’m so grateful for another kind translator, Ink. She’s sweet and her advice was so helpful~. *^ ^*

Guh-roh, Yoo Ah In – Get extremely excited about an elaborate reinvention of a character…

When I was told a Korean novel, “SungKyunKwan Scandal” (SKKS) would be adapted for a TV drama, I thought it was a roughly appropriate material as a romantic genre. I also expected the production company of “SKKS” would make some profit on publication right for overseas country because it was not only a different version of F4 with the Joseon Dynasty period setting, following another Korean popular drama, “Boys Over Flowers” but also more commercial by casting a famous Korean singer – Mickey Yuchun.

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Reviews for Yoo Ah In’s works-part 1

Do you remember the review book project hosted by DCInside last year? At Haven we received 18 amazing entries from international fans from all over the place. Some fans are generous enough to allow me to post their reviews up for sharing. So starting from today I’ll do a multi-part review series, each featuring 3 fans’ reviews. Reviews are in different languages, but for convenience, I only post the English versions. My apologies to the writers.


Geul Oh’s Tears! Satisfactory! Written before the conclusion!

Written by mywayangela

Language: Chinese (original)-English (trans. by mathed2001)

Title: Sunkyungkwan Scandal

Just watched Sungkyunkwan’s episode 19 today! Finally I have seen the moment I have been waiting for – – Geul Oh’s tears! It did not come in the form of his confession towards Daemul, but the tears came when he could not rescue Karang who had become his scapegoat! These are the tears which truly belong to Geul Oh! These are the tears which shocked me!

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Live Report of KBS Drama Awards 2010!

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I decided to do a live report of KBS Drama Awards 2010. I won’t be translating spoken words, because seriously I don’t understand that much. If I do understand, I will tell. This post will be updated as the award ceremony is proceeding.

I didn’t watch for the beginning, only about 20 minutes in. Update: So I ended up editing quite a few after the awards are over but overall they’re live reports. I didn’t want it to be a raw live report so all of you can read it well. I did not read any news at all, all the things written are according to what I saw. There might be some wrong things so I might need to fix them later.

The award ceremony is MCed by Choi Soojung, Lee Dahae and Song Joongki. The ceremony will be divided into three parts. I might post the winners list when I can get my hands on it. In the following post, I will only write down winners/categories that has to do with Mr. Yoo or Sungkyungkwan Scandal.
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[Epic review] Sungkyunkwan Scandal (via thundie’s prattle)

Hey chicos, epic Sungkyunkwan Scandal review with a lot of Moony spazzing and analysis@thunide’s prattle. Enjoy~

[Epic review] Sungkyunkwan Scandal Thundie’s Prattle is thrilled to roll out our second epic review. (The inaugural one is here.) This time we have invited six fans of a drama that’s officially known as Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but which most of us prefer to call Joseon Crack, or Micky-Yoochun-I-Love-You!, or Give-Hottie-Yoo-Ah-In-The-Girl-Dammit! (or, to a smaller extent, Gu-Yong-Ha-Take-Me!). All six reviewers share a few things in common: They adored the drama (for the most part), … Read More

via thundie’s prattle

[News] Jae-shin’s emotional scene a big hit!

by tylergenecom

The BIG DAY has come. Today this blog will be especially dedicated to Guel-ro 문재신 of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, as we’re bidding him farewells from the 20 eps. SKKS. Yesterday, in ep. 19, Guel-ro has been the focus of attention as he finally showcased his vulnerable and emotional side. Today many news articles have praised Yoo Ah In’s striking portrayal of Guel-ro. For those who haven’t watched ep. 19, this post will be a BIG spoiler. You have been warned^^

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Amazing Moon Jae Shin Comics and Wallpapers by Avid Fan

I know everyone is fretting over the prospect of Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s ending. Where are we gonna get our regular dose of Jae-shin crack? (Or SKKS crack in gen). Rewatching is one old-fashioned yet effective strategy to deal with the post SKKS syndrome, and who knows, you may see the characters in a different light on second watching. Another strategy I’d recommend is to check out Heuk San (Yoo Ah In’s character) in Strongest Chil-woo. A lot of fans have told me they love both sageuk characters of Yoo Ah In. [watch a scene cut here] If you have done the first and the latter, I have another incredible source of Jae-shin crack to share.

tylergenecom is a manga artist, illustrator and webmaster of a Japanese comic website. Fortunately for us she’s also an avid fan of Moon Jae Shin. She’s been composing many stories centering around Jae-shin in COMIC FORM on her site.

Although they’re in Japanese, I can’t help but laughing to tears because of these super cute illustrations. Looking through the comics is like reading a creative recaps of SKKS. There’re many more at her site and they just make my day. Parts of the comics can be read with the help of Google Translate, if you can’t understand Japanese.  *Who know if a bilingual fan loves these stories and will translate for us all to enjoy. Let’s pray*

The direct link to the comics:

Ep. 4/Ep.5/ EP.6/ Ep. 7/ Ep. 8 part 1/Ep.8 part 2/Ep.9/Ep.10 part 1/

Ep.10 part 2/Ep.11 part 1/Ep.11 part 2/Ep.12 part 1/Ep.12 part 2

The link to her lovely site:

You can also visit her youtube channel, check out tons of awesome wallpapers, read the comics from links there, and leave comments for her:

Two other fav of mine:

LOL I love the radial blur effect and the sweating symbol!

Hand down more entertaining than the scene itself!

Check out the wallpapers too:

Special thanks to tylergenecom for letting me feature her comics. Please do not take anything here out without tylergenecom’s permission.

Sharp 1 recaps of Ah In’s scenes

RxGoodleaf (a.k.a our Boss, our guardian angel) has generously provided us with some yummy gifs and recaps of Yoo Ah In‘s scenes in Banolim/Sharp 1 (2003-2005). This is Ah In’s first ever acting project and his popularity soared (then sadly, vanished) over night during this show. He has matured a lot since then.

As it’s hard to find the episodes of the show now, I hope this would help us better appreciate his very first acting project.


Posted 15 October 2008 – 09:47 PM

Ok Rim (Go Ara) is in first year of Junior High School and Ah In (Yoo Ah In‘s character name is the same in the drama) is in first year of High School… so Ah In is 3 years older (Oppa) but way more mature in his thoughts and attitude…

They first meet at a learning center (one of those after school places)… they literally run into each other… Ah In pretended to know her from a previous meeting and not really remembering Ok Rim goes along with the idea… Ah In took her out that first day to meet his friends and interduced her as the girlfriend (much to Ok Rim’s surprise)… Ah In basically told her they are dating… no asking out politely here!

나이제 너안보고도 그릴수있어

우리 사귀자 진지하게

I can draw you without having to look at you.

Let’s go steady, seriously. (Ep. 8 )

At first Ok Rim thought Ah In was just playing with her, but Ah In later told her that for him it was love at first sight… and that he has been watching and waiting… learning as much about her as he can in the meantime… so sweet!

After Ok Rim started dating Ah In, Ok Rim realized that she had feelings for her long time best friend, Uk… but Uk started dating one of Ok Rim’s friend already…

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