News and interviews


    [ITW] Section TV Interview

    Ah In’s Movie Picks

    [ITW] Arena Home Plus Interview

    [NEWS] Yoo Ah In named TOP man by ELLE


      [ITW] YAI on Japanese TV Station

      [NEWS] 12/02 Yoo Ah In Won Style Award@ A-Award (pics here)

      [ITW] 11/2010 Cine21 Interview

      [ITW] An Interview with the Jalgeum 4

      [ITW] Ah In’s Music Recommendations (download link)

      [ITW] 11/2010 Interview 10 ASIA

      [ITW] 11/2010 Ah In at SKKS Celebration Party

      [NEWS] 10ASIA special article on Yoo Ah In

      [NEWS]Sungkyunkwan Scandal ends, Ah In News bits follow

      [ITW] 10/2010 Vogue Girl Interview

      [ITW] 10/21/10 O2 Interview

      [NEWS] Yu Ah In in High Demand For Commercial Model

      [ITW] Ah In Elle September Photoshoot and Interview

      [ITW] SKKS stars answer questions from Daum users



        [ITW] Vogue Girl Shoot and Interview

        [ITW] Star News interview

        [ITW] Cine21 interviews Yu Ah In about his acting career (HOT)

        [ITW] Osen interview

        [ITW] interview

        [ITW] Daily Economy Inteview


          [ITW] Yoo Ah In “I’ve thought seriously about the secret of my birth”


            [ITW] STARVIEW Interviews Yoo Ah In

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            1. Hi Asth, is it you who updated this page? Do you mind moving this interview to a new post, then post the link of the post here? Since I imagine there’ll be a lot more interview articles, I plan to use this page to post the links to the interviews only. Otherwise the page will be very messy and long.

            2. I like your idea, tinysunbl, but is it possible to store the interview into one of our pages, and still link it here? Like an internal linking or something?

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