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21 thoughts on “Fan-arts

  1. Wow, blog headers, hat off to 1crazynyt. Just amazing.

    @Tiny, oh you haven’t watched this MV by conspiracymango?

    Dear (by Mad Soul Child)/ Ajusshi OST

    • Oh I watched it over at your blog, just forgot to list it. Thanks for reminding me unnie! I’m so glad to see you here. Should I reserve a spot at the Intensive Care Unit for you or just a regular room would do? ^^

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  3. I am so going to print it in my Tees and wear it during my freeday-friday class. I wont mind if my students will stare all the way and pay not attention on my sinews graphical solution *grinning wolfishly*

  4. please do not show me the evacuation route to get out of ICU … let me stay… I’m willing to pay any price. and give me a bad doctor, I do not want to get well

  5. ok it took me so long to post this but this is all i can contribute to this fanart so far ( my computer crashed not so long ago and have to dig all my files again)
    not the best but my all as of now ^^

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  7. i have a quick question….~
    it shows that there are a bunch of icons with moon jae shin and gu yong ha, but the page doesnt actually have those icons ): can i please know where those icons are??

  8. hi,

    im new here and i just want so say i feel very lucky to find this site…
    reading all your comments and stuff about yoo ah in makes me smile..
    tnx u guys! more power

  9. what will be yoo ah in”s next project??a soap perhaps???
    is there any chance that min young and ah in be paired on a show?
    i really love their chemistry…thanx

  10. what is yoo ah in”s next project?
    is there any chance that he’ll be paired with min young?
    i really love their chemistry..thanks

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