Fan-Arts: Wallpapers by Black Tea and The Others


Dear Haveners,

Today, I will introduce you the beautiful fan-arts made by Black Tea from DCinside YAI Gallery. She’s been producing fantastic wallpapers for the fellow YAI fans, and some of the images that are used in these wallpapers are given by Baked Banana, Moonai, and Hongsikhye. Most of the newer wallpapers show the credits, but some of the older ones do not (they will be shown when you try to save them as file names). I asked them all individually if it is okay to share these fine wallpapers with you Haveners, and they were glad to do so~!

Here they are, and hope you guys have fun putting these wallpapers up on your pc!!

size 1680 x 1050

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Ah In Is Finally Back Home!!

The news of Ah In being back home is all over the internet.  I thought all the haveners should know too!!  The first three pictures were shared on seeklyn’s twitter.  All these photos are from “bakedbanana” and “gkdisdnwn1.”

Airport 1

Airport 2

Airport 3


Airport 4

Airport 5

Airport 6

Airport 7

Airport 8

Airport 9

Airport 10

Airport 11

Airport 12

I am not sure if seeklyn is the same person who took the pictures or maybe just reposted the pictures.  But, the pictures are from “” and “”  Doesn’t Ah In look great?! ^^

Also, since some of you were wondering where Ah In was and what he did in London, here are few more pictures of him in London.  The first three are from Ah In’s tweets and the rest are from a post by diotima8383@naver.

As you can see, this one was taken at his hotel…
London Hotel 1

This one was taken at the restaurant called “Wapping Project.”
Wapping Project Restaurant

This one was taken, again, in his hotel…

London Hotel 2

Now, for the rest of the photos… since I can’t read Korean, I really can’t tell you what Ah In was doing…  The first one here seems to be with a fan.  But, the rest looked like he was interviewed on the street…

London 1

London 2

London 3

And here is an additional picture posted on the link of the Seoul Newspaper NTN which was on Ah In’s agent’s twitter. The picture was posted on Ah In’s mini-hompy on the 29th. The background is the world largest Ferris Wheel. Based on the news, it is confirmed that Ah In will be attending the KBS Drama Awards on the 31st. OH~~~ How exciting!!