Goodluck Yoo Ah In 2011 Origami Cranes Project update

Last January 11, we have launch our First Haveners Global Project called “Goodluck YAI Origami Cranes Project” as our way of wishing Yoo Ah In  goodluck and also to let him know of our “HAVEN’s” existence.  Our aim was to send 1000 Origami Cranes to our YAI before the release of his latest movie, but because of the enthusiastic response from YAI lovers worldwide (in which we are truly grateful) the 1k aim somehow became 1k per country project!

Its been a week since the deadline of collection, are you curious guys? The good news is…it was a success! Here are the pictures! Enjoy!!!! 😀

First is from Thailand! I think they’re one of the first to finished the 1k Origami cranes. This picture was shared by Thailand Coordinator, Bluesherbet103.

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