Ah In’s Mini-hompy Post on 9/9/2011

Hi Haveners~

Some of you may know that Ah In recently posted a poem at his mini-hompy~ It is a poem titled “I Love You” written by a famous Korean poet, Jung Ho Seung (정호승)~ Thanks to my friend, Kong-yi nim, I got to see the translation of the poem~ After getting her permission, I am now able to share her translation with you here at Haven!

Please keep in mind that the translation is done literally and excuse us for doing so~ As everyone knows, when it comes to poem, it’s very hard to understand, left along translating it~^ ^~

Here is the original post by Ah In at his mini-hompy~



밥그릇을 들고 길을 걷는다

목이 말라 손가락으로 강물 위에

사랑한다라고 쓰고 물을 마신다

갑자기 먹구름이 몰리고

몇날 며칠 장대비가 때린다

도도히 황톳물이 흐른다

제비꽃이 아파 고개를 숙인다

비가 그친 뒤

강둑 위에서 제비꽃이 고개를 들고

강물을 내려다본다

젊은 송장 하나가 떠내려오다가


내 글씨에 걸려 떠내려가지 못한다

And below are the translations done by my friend Kong-yi nim~

Originally Posted at Mathed’s Home~

“I Love You” by 정호승

I’m walking along the road holding a rice bowl.
I’m thirsty, so I’m writing ‘I love you’ with my finger on the river and drinking water.
Suddenly, dark clouds shadow,
A heavy rain’s pouring several days.
Red clay river flows with a rush.
A violet lowers her head for being sick.
After rain stops,
she raises her head on the riverbank and see the river.
A young dead body floats down the river and it is stuck on my handwriting ‘I love you’ and never washes away.