Ah In’s Launch My Life Ep.3-3 with Subs Is Here!!

Hi Haveners~

Thanks to Stacy-nim’s translations, here is the video of Ah In’s Launch My Life Ep.3-3 with English subtitles~ Currently, Sophia-nim is working on Ep.3-4~ Please continue to be patient and support Haven and our lovely Ah In! ^ ^

Ep. 1

Ep. 2

Ep. 3

Launch My Life Ep.3-3~

Ah In’s Launch My Life Ep.3


Hi Haveners~

The videos of Launch My Life with English subtitles that you all have been patiently waiting for are finally here!  Although still not all episodes are all finished, we are more than halfway done with the series of LML~ Please continue to be patient and support Haven and our lovely Ah In! ^ ^

Link to ep. 1

Link to ep. 2

Launch My Life Ep.3-1~

Launch My Life Ep.3-2~

Launch My Life Ep.3-3~

Esquire Video!

I went and bought a few copies of Esquire (Dec. 2010) today!! It’s beautifulㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

I made a video for you guys so you can see exactly what you get with your Esquire purchase. As you can see, the Hazzys photoshoot is included in the Esquire magazine!!

Reminder: the deadline to order copies of Esquire from me is Wednedsay, 11/30/2010, 11:59PM KST. All the details you need are in this post. Enjoy the video!


November 20, 2010.

Question: What does this date mean to Yoo Ah In fans?

Answer: Both issues of Cine 21 and Esquire, featuring our very own Ah In, are dropping on the stands in Korea!! ❤

While you’re impatiently waiting for the release of the interviews and full photoshoots, enjoy these previews/teasers of the upcoming magazines– ^^

‘Guh-ro sahyung’ Yoo Ah In transforms into a sweet young man’

Yoo Ah In, whose role in the recent drama <Sungkyunkwan Scandal> has left many fans with the aftermath of ‘Guh-roh ache,’ became a model for weekly film magazine <Cine 21>. Throughout the drama, he became a hot issue and earned the nicknames of ‘Ban Goong’s Crazy Horse,’ ‘Sweet Beastly Man,’ and ‘Protecting Man.’ With the end of <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>, reporter Kim Hye Rhee met with the man who had returned from ‘Guh-roh Moon Jaeshin’ to ‘actor Yoo Ah In.’

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[Photos] Yoo Ah In for Nov HAZZYS Esquire

Dear all patients of the Preventorium:

Bad news. Please call 911 right now! All the doctors and nurses at this hospital are infected by the new Ah In virus-strain. They’re dying!

And I mean it literally. My computer was just infected by a virus this afternoon (nope, I had nothing to do with p0*n – -). I had a 10ASIA article to share but it took me entire afternoon to edit, cuz my comp was extremely slow.

Think that bad news?


TVDaily wrote:

Yoo Ah In, who played the role of Geul-ro the guardian in the TV drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” touched many female viewers. In his latest modeling photos, he abandoned the tough image of Geul-ro and transformed into a lovely young man which deeply inspired female fans’ maternal instincts.

Yoo Ah In recently shot for a fashion clothing brand with the latest publicity photos. In the photos, Yoo Ah In transformed into a warm winter young man. His unique fantasy blurred eyes also deeply touched the fans’ hearts. A staff member who worked at the shooting location said, “The theme of these photo shoots was casual and comfortable style, so we also finished the shooting under a very casual and pleasant atmosphere. Especially Yoo Ah In, he looked very happy and enjoyed it. Naturally, that also drove the atmosphere of the location.” Yoo Ah In just finished shooting the modeling photos which was postponed due to the shooing of the TV drama. Currently, he is thinking of what his next project will be.

Translated by mathed2001 from source

When you call 911, remember to ask them to bring some extra ventilators for summersky, cuz she was dying over at the ICU.  Thanks for sharing the news!

Here are the smaller versions: (excuse for me to repost hehe)

Source: Newsen, omonatheydidn’t, soompi

Esquire Photo is out!!!!! (Updated info)

OMG right before I’m about to go to sleep I just have to see this: Ah in’s Esquire photo, looking SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!

I can only find this online right now, so not sure if this is a teaser or there are other photos flying around. Anyway, I love the above pic!


Through KBS Drama, “Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal”, Yoo Ah In as Gurl Oh captured a lot of fans’ heart and he will be showing different aspect of himself through December issue of Esquire Korea.

Shot in Thailand, the concept of the photo shoot was accidental landing of Yoo Ah In in hot weather country wearing Winter clothes.

Yoo Ah In was photographed in Bangkok public market, Buddhist temple and streets of Bangkok in hot weather. Despite the hot weather, his enthusiasm (for the photo shoot) impressed the staff.

Meanwhile, now off-the-wall and cheerful (or happy) Yoo Ah In’s photographs will be featured in December Esquire Korea which will be available November 20th at bookstores and internet sites for sale.

(Translated by Rxgoodleaf@soompi)

[Photos] Our Global Star, Yoo Ah-in!

This is good news for everyone here (of course, I would hate to post bad news anyways). Our (why do I keep saying our?) shooting rising star, Yoo Ah-in is going global! Well, at least his photo shoots are. Get excited guys, because more delicious pictures of Mr. Yoo will be in our hands in one-or-so month!
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